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Front Porch Poets

by OSnapple on June 24, 2010

These Dudes out of The Netherlands are pretty rad.  Infusing a different style then what I normally hear in the states is pleasing to my ears.  There’s a bio and a couple of my favorite tracks off the album below. for the whole album check out:

The Front Porch Poets are also looking to work with some artists from the US.  So if any artists out there are looking to get a feature on track with a duo from The Netherlands hit these guys up.

Real Hip Hop

Dave Redi and Mr. Ramble have teamed up as the Front Porch Poets (FPP) to produce their first debut album “For The Record”. Inspired by late 90′s hip hop with a touch of soul, it’s a refreshing album with the sounds of what hip hop is, used to be and always will be, it is an album that illustrates their vision of music, daily routines and just having fun with it. No clichés, no gimmicks, just pure music from the soul. Due for release in the spring of 2010, For The Record is definitely a sure shot for the ears. For more information feel free to check out:


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