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Out Of The Norm: How To Dress Well-”I Can’t See My Face” EP

by Eric on June 25, 2010

Aright, so I get the peculiar e-mail to with a “subject” heading that reads: “Lo-Fi R & B”-How To Dress Well. On any other occasion, I’d pass it up. Lord knows, we don’t post an excessive amount of R & B here at B-House, we just don’t. So I’m thinkin: “hmmm…Lo-Fi? Uncut Raw’s “First Toke” was the last real lo-fi album I’ve heard and I loved that shit! So let’s give this cat a go, 48 hours later I can’t stop bumpin’ this EP. Certainly, the oddest piece of work we’ve EVER posted on these pages, but it’s definitely unique. Also, peep the video of this Brooklynite in the studio below. Imagine these vocals over a LabTechs production? Damn

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