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Eric’s “Mid-Season” Report: 10 Top Instrumental LP/EPs

by Eric on June 27, 2010

1. “Higher Vibrations”-Leonard Dstroy

Download “Higher Vibrations” HERE

More 14KT than Flying Lotus, Leonard Dstroy has offered up what has turned out to be the best instrumental “freebie” of the past six months. Comprised of 15 cuts of instrumental bliss, a card-carrying member of the INnate Sounds crew, Dstroy laced “Higher Vibrations” so eloquently, yet it packs enough “umph” for the hardcore beat fanatics. To be very blunt, if you asked me which I’d prefer, “Higher Vibrations” or Flying Lotus’  released “Cosmogramma” (both LPs leaked around the same time), I wouldn’t think twice about giving the nod to Dstroy. To take it even one step beyond, “Higher Vibrations” or 14KT’s “The Golden Hour”? Now that’s pushin’ it….

2. “F O R M”-Afta-1

Purchase “F O R M” HERE

Walking the fine-line between Hip-Hop, Electronica and Dubstep, Afta-1 catapulted himself to top-notch producer status with the recently released “F O R M”.  Following up the well-received “Aftathoughts”, “F O R M” resorts to the “chill” for much of the LP, but you can find trunk-rattling cuts such as “Por Detras” and “Become Still” to be well suited for your favorite emcee.  I only wish that Afta-1 would do just that:  pair his production with underground emcees, I’m sure the results couldn’t possibly be anything less than stellar. Be sure to pick up “F O R M” via Afta-1′s BandCamp or on Itunes.

3. “Brooklyn’s Finest”-The Stuyvesants

Download “Brooklyn’s Finest” HERE

“The Stuyvesants” is a collaborative effort between music producer Allan Cole (Algorythm), and record collector Darien Victor Birks (Flwrpt). Both producers reside in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY. The two wanted to work together on a project where they could incorporate several of their talents, related to music and design. They wanted to do this under a moniker that would pay homage to the ’70s. The collaboration allowed them to do four major things, design, beat dig, produce amazing music, and simply have fun.

Damn dunny! I missed out on this one, BIG TIME! Some real crafty beats can be found on “Brooklyn’s Finest”. With cover art that’s equally fresh, The Stuyvesants have created a nice product all around.  A great representation of Bed-Stuy from Algorhythm and Flwrpt, with visual beats that take you back to the essence of Hip-Hop.  Nothing too flashy on “Brooklyn’s Finest”, but this LP was the epitome of consistency. Don’t sleep…

4. “Traveling Man”-Oddisee

Purchase “Traveling Man” HERE

Oddisee’s “Traveling Man” accurately depicts the signature sounds of Oddisee’s travels throughout the world, ranging from the jazzy-tinged beats that can often be heard in “Tokyo” to the signature soul sound that captures the true essence of “Philly”.  You gotta’ ask yourself, with as much material as Oddisee has dropped over the last two years or so, is this cat ever gonna’ deplete his production pipeline?  This cat is the true definition of consistency, delivering classics such as Diamond District’s “In The Ruff” as well as his “Odd” seasonal releases.

5. “Vibe. Over”- Aspect. One

Download “Vibe. Over” HERE

Aspect. One’s production found on “Vibe. Over” reminds me alot of the LabTechs sound, bass heavy beats that are reliant on clarity. Jerking samples from popular 80′s new wave hits “Tainted Love”, “Hanging On” and even Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” and chopping them to pieces, L.A.’s Aspect. ‘One has dropped 23 tracks of pure heat.  I can’t identify one single instance of wackness on “Vibe. Over” nor his prior release “Vibe. Ready”, for that matter.  Stay tuned for a confirmed Aspect. One interview here at B-House.  Yet another free album that you can’t pass up!

6. “Moments”-Alex B

Purchase “Moments” HERE

Upon hearing Alex B’s first single from his new album “Moments”, “You And I Both Know” I was instantly amazed (also, be on the lookout you can find the track on  Bloggerhouse “Best Of March” mixtape) enough to purchase B’s album directly from Itunes without sampling the remainder of the album.  So, along with my season with the Portland Trailblazers/NBA2k10 (Brandon Roy happens to be my favorite player in the league, plus they have Villanova’s Dante Cunningham) I’m cruising along, thoroughly enjoying what I’d heard thus far from “Moments’ and then I stumble upon “Impressions”.  Thirty plays later, I’d determined my favorite production of far.

If you can recall in 2007 it was Blue Scholars “Loyalty”, 2008 Alchemist’s hand in the production of Evidence’s “The Far Left” and last year it was Flying Lotus and his work for Finale’s “Paid Homage”.  Those aforementioned tracks just don’t seem to age, no matter how many times you bump them in succession.  “Impressions” is in that same category, give it a listen, I assure you you’ll be just as in awe as I was.

7. “Soundfreakers Vol. I”-Slimkat78

Download “Soundfreakers Vol. I” HERE

If you wanna’ get technical, the MP3 version of “Soundfreakers Vol. I” leaked in late 2009 (I’m 95% sure), however the “tracked” version wasn’t released until late April, so as you can tell I’ve been bumpin’ this LP for quite some time.  Responsible for producing nearly half of one of my all-time favorite albums, yU’s “Before Taxes” as well as handling some beats on Diamond District’s near-classic “In The Rufff”,  cats should already be up on Slim’s discography.  Also, for a true “outside the box” project(s), be sure to peep Slimkat’s work as 1/3 of OP Swamp81.  Yet another talent that has emerged from Chocolate City, Slimkat  originally leaked “Soundfreakers Vol. I” back in September, thank goodness we’ve finally got a “tracked” version, this LP is the perfect summertime soundtrack!

8. “Blue Magic” (Draft)-Beat-Maker-Beat

Download “Blue Magic” HERE

Yo Dart, I think you may have a late addition for your “Producers You Need To Hear” (that is, if you haven’t included him already?) series with Beat-Maker-Beat (despite the somewhat odd moniker).  Hailing from, of all places Russia, this cat has been releasing several projects as of late. Be sure to listen to his much of his discography via his MySpace, to include the impressive “Blue Magic” (Draft) instrumental LP”. It was hard to pick just one cut to include on this week’s “Most Played”, the standard Dilla influence is definitely intact, yet Beat-Maker-Beat does a fine job on this LP, carving out his own identity with an added dose of electro-fusion sprinkled into the mix. Oh, and you may want to remember his name because “guess who?” produced four(!) tracks on my man Shawn Jackson new LP, “Brand New Old Me”, dropping on Shawn’s label Tres Records July 27th!

9. “Smoker’s Choice”-Beat Fanatics

Purchase “Smoker’s Choice” HERE

I’ma keep this short but sweet for ya’.  I semi-knew that this was dropping via Rappers I Know (and Dart), but somehow I let it slide out of my memory bank for a few months.  No joke cuzz-o, take your pick.  Oh, you said you want to hear some neck-snapping production from the likes of  Illastrate? No?  How bout’ Khrysis? Ok then, the highly underrated “YouTube Beat Tape King”, Jaisu?  I know you got eight bones to drop on this, cop it on Itunes TODAY!!  Damn near the best money I dropped on an album/compilation all year!

10. “Beat Library Vol. I”-Ayepee

Download “Beat Library Vol. I” HERE

Brought to you by the good peoples @ ProducersIKnow.  Also, be sure to peep RappersIKnow, if you haven’t already. Ayepee’s first installment in his beat library was  just that good.  Hailing from the UK, with an abundance of sparse drums, producer Apatight brings you the first of a three part series titled “The AyePee Beat Library”.  Be sure to download this, as this is one of the finest examples of knockin’ production that I’ve heard this year.  Also, word on the street is, “Vol. II” is dropping today via Producers I Know, stay tuned…

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Max June 28, 2010 at 4:46 am

Diego Bernal – Besides..

Andrew June 28, 2010 at 7:47 pm

Sheeeeeeeeeit, can’t believe I’m only hearing that Leonard Dstroy album now. Good lord it’s nice.

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