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Batsauce & Baje One – Summertime Preview

by Travis on June 29, 2010


Wait a minute, you are saying one of my favorite producers doing it right now is teaming up with Baje One, the emcee from one of my favorite groups? Where have I been living, a closet? Oh wait, South America. Anyway, this was a nice surprise to see first thing this morning as I awoke after 30 hours of travel time. I haven’t gotten the “inside” information from Bat yet about this, but sounds like a great project. Bat keeps getting better and better and it’s great to hear Baje One over a dope Batsauce beat. – Trav

‘SUMMERTIME’ is a free producer project from the homie Batsauce constructed entirely from versions of Gershwin’s classic song ‘Summertime’. The full project (due out in a few weeks) will feature special guests Mr. Lif, Mass Influence, Dillon, Qwazaar, Lady Daisey, Baje One (of Junk Science), Chopp, and Wynton Kelly Stevenson. Batsauce is the producer behind some super-fresh music, including The Smile Rays and Lady Daisey, and will also be releasing a FREE EP with yours truly (Baje One) later this summer.

This two-song preview includes my song about being a little kid and riding bikes to chinatown to buy fireworks in the early 90′s, and Dillon’s love letter to ‘A Lady Named Summer.’ Beyond producing the tracks, Batsauce made this fun lil video preview too…

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Kid Captain Coolout June 30, 2010 at 6:34 am

Batsauce makes more beat tapes in a week than most cats can make in a year, I don’t know how he does it. This one should be just as good as everything else he puts together, looking forward to it.

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