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What’s New In Dart’s iPod #18 AKA June © RJD2 & Copywrite

by Staff on July 2, 2010

Last week my dumb ass reviewed 27 albums & it was incredibly stressful, time consuming and frustrating. As much as I love music it’s like overdosing on purpose. This week I reviewed 30 fucking albums. Yay. My nephew & niece joked that I need minions to do this for me like the dude in “Despicable Me”. Maybe they’re right. Or maybe I should be a bitch & charge everyone $35? Nah, fuck that. I’ll just face the music. Here goes…

AEED “Error Code EP” 6.29. 2010

If you’re heavy into beat music then you already know who AEED is and this vinyl, MP3, M4a, AAC or FLAC version may already be on your turntables, hard drive or portable music device of choice. If not, is this what you consider hot music? Then cop it. If not? Keep on movin’ like Soul II Soul (See, back in the early 90′s there was this group from the UK called Soul II Soul & they had a hit called “Keep On Movin’…).

A.G “Everything’s BeRRi” 6.29.2010

Yeah, so this new A.G. LP is really hit or miss. The producer Ray “BeRRi” West has some vibey, sample based production but it just falls really short in fitting with A.G’s style much of the time. If you heard his Showbiz produced releases, “The Dirty Version”, “Get Dirty Radio” or even “Oasis” then you know what I mean. Some tracks on this project should’ve never been recorded like “No She Didn’t” and  far too many others were just boring filler track that were thankfully under 2:45. Ray West ain’t Madlib so he can’t get away with that. Don’t spend money on this album.

Big Boi “Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dust” 7.6.2010

I was looking forward to this album based on the initial leaks and singles but I wondered how Def Jam would fuck this album up. Turns out they leaked the goddamn album. THAT’S HOW! “Sir Lucious Left Foot” is a damn good album considering it’s made on a major & has some obvious attempts @ radio & the 3 expected misses. In my opinion it’s worth purchasing but I don’t see it making my iPod Touch or getting played into August by me like with The Roots album. Just sayin’…

Christina Aguilera “Bionic” 6.8.2010

Imagine if Christina Aguilera decided to bite Madonna, Janelle Monae & Lady Gaga on the same damn album. Now imagine that actually happened & she named it “Bionic” & released it on June 8th. Imagine that I had NO idea the album was even released until I saw it in the Billboard chart listings in the back of the new Rolling Stone with Lady Gaga on the cover (go figure). Imagine I listened to this horrible project and had daymares & night terrors afterwards (no KiD CuDi). I would say not to buy this album but judging by it’s sales number I don’t have to…

Cook Classics “Recharged” 6.8/22.2010

There are some serious jams on this album. It dropped digitally way back on June 8th but the physically copies followed two weeks later. It’s a damn shame this album will end up one of the many heavily slept on Hip Hop/Soul/R&B producer based projects of 2010. Do me a favor & check out this album sampler first. Don’t sleep on this jawn. Recommended.

The-Dream “Love King” 6.29.2010

His last album sounded sorta like theme music for space porn made by a one man 80′s R&B tribute band. This album sounds like theme music for space porn made by a one man R. Kelly & Prince obsessed 80′s R&B tribute band. Fuck The-Dream. Fuck “Love-King”. Fuck this-album. *Starts playing the new Dwele instead*

Dwele “W.ants W.orld W.omen” 6.29.2010

This new Dwele album is up there with the new Jose James, Corrine Bailey Rae, Yahzarah, Raheem DeVaughn and Sade jawns. It’s the complete opposite of The-Dream’s album (as in I never felt the urge to chuck this CD into the dumpster out back or to highlight this entire album on my iTunes & drag it to the Trash then empty it). I know very few heads even knew Dwele’s new LP dropped last Tuesday but that can all be rectified right now. Cop this shit. It’s only 6.99!

Elaquent “Persona” 6.26/29.2010

If you’ve been downloading all of Elaquent’s free instrumental projects for years like we have & enjoyed them then you should really support dude by coppin’ his release “Persona” now available via his Bandcamp page @ a reduced price ($2 less than iTunes) with bonus content. Do it now.

Fatt Father “Fatherly Advice” 6.22.2010

If you’ve never heard of the Fatt Killahz out of Detroit then I feel sorry for your mothers. This is YET another quality Hip Hop project that will be slept on this year. Good lookin’ to @Pat313 for putting me up on this jawn. Either way, check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

Hubert Daviz “Proceduri De Rutina EP” 6.1.2010

Love Hubert Daviz production? Love Romanian Jazz? Either way, German producer Hubert Daviz (UpMyAlley & Melting Pot Music) flipped some Romanian jazz records lovely on this EP. I personally recommend this jawn. Check out here.

Jyoti (Georgia Anne Muldrow) “Ocotea” 6.15.2010

Aside from Madlib’s efforts & Build An Ark’s “Love Pt. I” this is easily one of the best free form Hip Hop inspired Jazz releases of 2010. If you love actual music and live instrumentation then don’t even hesitate to pick this one up. If you’re a Georgia Anne Muldrow fan like I am chances are you already copped this the Tuesday it first dropped. Mesmerizing to say the least. Check it out here.

Kavemura “Gypso” 6.1.2010

If you’re really into instrumental Hip Hop & the whole worldwide beat culture like I am (I even have an online radio show dedicated to it that I co-host with Eric C. of Bloggerhouse) then you really need to look into Italian beatmaker Kavemura’s album “Gypso” which you you possibly slept on. Here’s a sample track from it via Bandcamp. I recommend it (provided you can actually find it). Here’s a link to his last album “28″ on iTunes (& free on Bandcamp).

Kelis “Flesh Tone” 7.6.2010

Uhh…No. This shit sounds like rave music strictly for aliens high on extraterrestrial party drugs. Kelis lost. Nas lost. lost. America lost. The Boston Celtics lost. The show “Lost” lost. Kesha? Dead. Duh Duh Duh Man? Dead. This album is ass soup. Avoid it like the plague it is.

Kero One “Kinetic World” 6.15.2010

Kero One’s last album “Early Believers” had some tracks on it but overall I gave it a maybe because I just found the project to be boring overall. That being said, I liked only about half of what I heard this go round on “Kinetic World”. Save your money. Sorry, Kero.

Klashnekoff “Back To The Sagas” 5.24/7.27.2010

Klashnekoff is one of the best UK emcees of the past decade hands down. He already has a classic under his belt with “The Sagas Of..” and his crew Terra Firma was comprised of some of the illest cats on the other side of the pond (Kyza, Jehst, Skriblah, etc.). That being said, “Back To The Sagas” lives up to it’s name sonically & lyrically. Apparently Klash is at it again on his own minus his former crew and with little to no support from his label. The project hit online sales sites since May 24th in the UK but won’t see a physical release until July 27th. Support an emcee that’s doing it all himself. Salute.

LMNO & Mr. Brady “Banger Management” 7.6.2010

How many nice LP’s can LMNO drop this year? “Banger Management” with standout West Coast producer Mr. Brady. I JUST spent the past week bangin’ the Theory Hazit assisted “Determined To Fly” & shortly before that the Kev Brown assisted “Selective Hearing 2″. LMNO is gonna drop 10 LP’s this year. And another one!

Madlib “Medicine Show No. 6: The Brain Wreck Show” 6.22.2010

Yet another mindbending mix of obscure prog rock & psychedelia from ’68-’76 from Otis Jackson Jr. Well worth purchasing, but remember that “Medicine Show No. 7: High Jazz” is right around the corner & it’s gonna be 3 CD’s worth of material including unreleased work from Madlib with Azymuth & Karriem Riggins. Brace yourselves.

Marco Polo “The Stupendous Adventures Of Marco Polo” 6.29.2010

Marco Polo’s track record is impeccable, “Newport Authority”, “Port Authority”, “Double Barrel”, “The Exxecution” & now the Duck Down producer album “The Stupendous Adventures Of Marco Polo”. This project is a mix of original beats with features as well as new remixes that’s well worth the purchase price. Marco Polo keeps his track record intact. Cop it without hesitation.

Metaform “The Electric Mist” 6.8.2010

If you loved Metaform‘s “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants” & dug efforts like Blue Sky Black Death’s “Late Night Cinema” or RJD2′s “The Third Hand” & “Enter The Colossus” then this should be up your alley. If you can’t get past the vocals then at least wait for the instrumentals to drop before copping. In any event, I recommend it. You already know what to do

Metal Militia “Metal Militia” 5.25.2010

21 tracks and over an hour of relentless hardcore beats & rhymes? What’s there NOT to like? I’ve been playing this album for damn near a month before it even occurred to me that I should review it. You can find it here. Between the bars & production I dare you to find something wrong with it. I fuckin’ dare you…

M.I.A “MAYA” 7.13.2010

M.I.A. went on this tirade talking about how Lady Gaga imitated her. I was confused because I thought either M.I.A. imitated Santigold or Santigold imitated her then Uffie came out and Ke$ha imitated her then Christina Aguilera came back out and imitated Madonna, Lady Gaga & Janelle Monae. I think Maya might be confused as to whom bit whom there. In regards to this album, I liked “Arular” but I really liked “Kala”. I like “MAYA” as much “Arular” but not as much as “Kala”. This means I don’t like it anywhere near as much as “Santogold”. It’s just weird enough for ironic hipster types but just musical enough for casual fans to derive enjoyment from it. M.I.A fans will like it at least…

Michita “A Full Life” 6.22.2010

Japanese producer/beatmaker Michita is well known for his projects “One”, “Two”, “Three” &  his collabo with Haiiro “Soul SESSION”. He’s back in 2010 with his new effort “A Full Life” and if you loved what you heard from him before you’ll be more than satisfied with the production on “A Full Life”. If you’re not used to listening to Japanese Hip Hop all I can tell you is I’ve been into it since about 1990 so I’m used to it. Check it out here.

Miz Korona “The Injection” 6.22.2010

Let’s talk slept on emcees for a second. Let’s talk slept on albums for a second as well. In both of those categories (unjustly) lies two more releases that dropped the same day, both from Detroit. One being Miz Korona’s “The Injection”, if you listen to this album and it doesn’t move you in any way chances are you’re a zombie or you’re in a coma. I don’t see any way possible you can listen to these bars and beats and not come away impressed. I recommend “The Injection”. Cop it now.

Nametag “My Name Is Tag” 6.22.2010

If you’ve been following Bloggerhouse then you know who Nametag is. We’ve featured him often on our sites in their previous incarnations (Wake Your Daughter Up, When They Reminisce & Poisonous Paragraphs) and we’ve championed this cats previous mixtapes leading up to this debut release. “My Name Is Tag” has feature verses from other Bloggerhouse favorites Danny Brown  & Ro Spit in addition to Cold Men Young & the crew Street Justice. Tag merked production from Black Milk, Black Bethoven & Chris Sholar over 13 tracks. I have no idea why so many publications sleep on this cat. Those sleepers must awaken. RIGHT FUCKIN’ NOW. Cop this.

RJD2 “Inversions Of The Colossus” 6.22.2010

Did you cop “Enter The Colossus” & enjoy it? In that case you should get this, too. Did you completely miss “Enter The Colossus”? If you hear this & like it then cop ‘em both. If you’re into Hip Hop you should check this out. If you’re into beats/production then you should check this out. Just listen to this fuckin’ album

Shawn Jackson “Brand New Old Me” 7.27.2010

In 2008 Shawn Jackson dropped two ridiculous albums, his eye-opening debut “First Of All…” and his collabo with Giant Panda’s Newman New Jack Hustle “Soundcheck”. Shawn Jackson is back in 2010 with his 3rd Tres release “Brand New Old Me”. Jack spits bars over production from heavyweight such as K-Salaam & Beatnick, Jordan Rockswell, Mr. Brady, Cook Classics, Knxwledge and Ro Blvd and up & comers such as Astronote, Beat Maker Beat & Cloud. Guest appearance from Co$$, Thurzday (U.N.I), Fly C, JimiJames & John West help much “Brand New Old Me” a worthy re-up to “First Of All..”.

Go cop it on the 27th then look forward to the Shawn Jackson & Jordan Rockswell collabo album that’s on the horizon. Pre-order it here, Bloggerhouse approved.

Shlohmo “Camping EP” 6.15.2010

Cop this, it’s bananas. Next?

Short Fuze & Nasa “Lobotomy Music” 6.29.2010

Remember how Def Jux USED to sound like back in the days when cats used to rock Def Jux tees & they had an impressive worldbeating roster? This is what “Lobotomy Music” sounds like NOW. Listen. Like it? Cop it. Simple. Next?

6th Sense “It’s A 6th Sense Beat Yo!! Vol. 2″ 7.13.2010

6th Sense. Pure heat. I co-sign this jawn. Any questions? Get it when it drops the 13th. Next?

Super Chron Flight Brothers “Cape Verde” 6.22.2010

“Emergency Powers” was nuts. “Cape Verde” produced by Bloggerhouse favorite Willie Green is insane. Check for yourselves. Bloggerhouse approved. ‘Nuff said.

Various Artists “Puzzles” 6.11.2010

Cop this jawn, too. It’s 14 hot tracks from the illest producers on UpMyAlley/Melting Pot Music. Also Bloggerhouse approved. I’m done.


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Ivan July 2, 2010 at 4:06 am

Whole lotta hostility aimed at Christina Aguilera. I wonder why… *cough*

Your work ethic is amazing (and unhuman).

Gedi July 2, 2010 at 4:27 am

“This new Dwele album is up there with the new Jose James, Corrine Bailey Rae, Yahzarah, Raheem DeVaughn and Sade jawns.” [I will have to check it out, wow!]*

I want to hear that Shawn Jackson LP. I’m still getting around to the Big Boi LP. The early consensus is very good.

vital24 July 2, 2010 at 2:49 pm

I disagree… That new AG is fresh…Definitely different sound than a DITC release but artistic growth nonetheless (following the loss of affiliates Party Arty, Roc Raider & Guru) It beats that lackluster OC & AG Oasis joint. Andre the Giant shows his diversity over smoother beats. Check out ‘Tweet Heart’ & ‘Berriville’ plus he’s got an ill Roc Marciano verse on there and some kid name Abdul Jabar who absolutley kills his verse. Don’t sleep on this one.

Dart July 2, 2010 at 3:17 pm

@vital24: I couldn’t recommended people spend $9 on it. f I had bought “Everything’s BeRRi” I would’ve wished I still had my $9 personally. If you see it for (much) less, by all means take a chance on it.


thurston July 10, 2010 at 11:28 pm

Thanks for all of the reviews. If you don’t have to review that many CD’s you don’t have to. We won’t think less of you. The important thing is that you want to listen and review CD’s etc, no-one is holding a gun to your head (that I’m aware of). It just sounds like its all a bit of a chore for you. I’ve been a reader of your blog and now this one too, and it sounds like some passion is going. Which is sad, so please don’t burn out. Thanks for the countless hours of toil you’ve put into this internet-lark-thing!

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