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A Moment With Afta-1 (Video)

by Eric on July 4, 2010

Here’s a nice sit-down with Afta-1 that was sent to us courtesy of About Her Films.

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to hang out with a producer by the name of AFTA-1. I’ve been following his music for the past few months and when I heard that he was going to be doing a set at SOM in San Francisco, I was beyond ecstatic. I wrote him an e-mail the night before, explaining that I was a fan of his work and if he would be interested in allowing me to shoot him and document the events before, during and after his set. The next morning I received an e-mail from him saying he was up for the idea. I met him a couple of hours beforehand, where we chatted for a bit, then I filmed his set and a few quick words after.

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