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The ?’z: Aspect1 Interview

by Eric on July 6, 2010

For those of you who’ve been sleeping on Aspect1, it’s time to get hipped to one of the rising stars in the production game. With two slick LPs under his belt already (“Vibe.Over” & Vibe.Ready”), Aspect1 has big plans in store for the remainder of 2010 and beyond with 4 (!) projects hitting the streets within the next year.  Take a moment to catch up with the man responsible for two of the year’s finer instrumental products, Aspect1.

B-House: Aspect 1 or One? A brief introduction for the masses…

Aspect1:  It is Aspect One or Aspect 1. I am an Emcee/Producer out of LA California.

B-House: Why the moniker “Aspect”?  Is there an acronym that signifies it’s definition?

Aspect1:  Well… I used to have a terrible name in high school emcee-wise, so I was messing around with acronyms and put together Another Stylish Perspectice Embodying Creative Thoughts On New Extremes. Thats Aspect One for you.I went thru other names like Checklist, Spec The Kid but i just kept Aspect One(1) for political purposes (LOL).

B-House: What are some of your earliest memories of Hip-Hop? What nudged you into the artform?

Aspect1:  Well, my Dad was a DJ in the ’70s so I remember everything in my life being based around music in general. My Dad would play hella records for me as a child to my adult years and show me samples to flip or samples that were flipped. I credit him with my earliest memories.  He still has sly remarks about certain flips he hears me working on sometimes (LOL).

B-House: I know our readers like to keep these interviews, strictly music-based.  However, upon learning that you’re an avid shoe collector (I’m a huge collector of Air Max runner), you gotta’ run down your top 5 kicks of all time for myself and our visitors!

Aspect1:  In no specific order:  Jordan XI’s, any of the first 4 Barkleys, Jordan 1 “Cinco De Mayos” (black suede joints), Zoom Air Turbulence(Damon Stoudimires).  Also, any Deon Sanders Nike shoe. I could go on but those are some all-time great kicks.

B-House:  You’ve been active with the famed Project Blowed camp since 2002, how did the connection arise?

Aspect1:  I’ve been going to Blowed since its been open in ’94, so I kinda’ grew up being influenced by the Blowed and battling. Near 2002 my old crew( Missing Page) was making a hellafied buzz in LA and Blowedians took notice.  Of course, you gotta’ get tested via battling and being legit so all in all that was the process..Be dope or go home!

B-House: I’m familiar with your two solo LP releases, “Vibe.Ready” and “Vibe.Over” (the later being one of my favorites from 2010), yet you’ve worked with an impressive list of emcees. Would you mind running down some of your past collaborations?

Aspect1:  Oh werd! Thanks!  I’ve worked with Aceyalone,Bus Driver,2Mex,LuckyIam,Nocando,Dumbfoundead,Sahtyre,Eddie Brock,Vast Aire,Geechi Dan(Camp Lo),Ab Rude.  Also, I just got some placements with Elzhi and Guilty (Simpson) and Dilated (Peoples), so I’m geeking on that right now.

B-House: I’ve seen a few of your YouTube videos where you prove that you’re more than just a producer. Have any of your rhymes appeared on an album(s) that we may be overlooking?

Aspect1:  Yeah,  I actually started off as an emcee and i started producing in about 2003, so the producer side of my music is still less than 10 years young.  I’ve dropped so many underground projects its insane! My old crew Missing Page,  we dropped at least 3 projects, a project I dropped with Dibiase in ’03-’04 called “Grit Mercenaries”.  Then, I dropped an EP named “Create A Following” in ’05.  I’ve had various solo songs on compilations and what throughout the last few years so I’m still VERY active.

B-House: Do you have plans to ever drop a solo LP where you do showcase your emcee talents?

Aspect1:  Funny you ask, because I’m actually working on 3 “emcee” projects currently. The “ButterFly Effect”, an Ep dedicated to the ladies as far as the content of the songs so, “Themes For Schemes”, which is another project dedicated to the grimy hip hop heads out there and another untitled LP I’m working on with some solid collabs and what not. I try to remain busy. I safely bet I can out-rap ANY producer MC currently out there right now in my humble opinion.

B-House: I’ve noticed that you’ve sampled some new-wave classics on your LPs. Is there any type of music that you won’t listen to when searching for a sample source?

Aspect1:  I actually favor finding the lamest dumb shit to sample and flipping the shit out of it. Who’s ever gonna sample Devo’s “Whip It” or random funny shit that most of us overlook?. Music is about the fun you have while you create it. For example, you got all these cats trying to find EVERY Dilla or Primo sample like they gonna somehow be dope and/or accepted because they flipped it too..which is false. I’m all about being original and pushing the limits to create something folks can smile about because no one has decided to go that route.How do we expect to improve music if we don’t use our imaginations?

B-House: Do you consider the excessive online sharing to be the gift
or the curse? What do you foresee with more and more blogs leakin’
‘ish on a daily basis?

Aspect1: It honestly depends on the intent, if people are posting free music to give to people, then by all means download. However, if you’re stealing music and expect music in general to be nothing more then free entertainment, we musicians don’t put our every last drop of life into by a means of a living then fuck you, straight up! I see the internet ruining the passion a lot of purists and music folks have for music due to no ethics or gratitude, it actually has for the most part.

B-House: What is the sole inspiration behind your production style and

Aspect1: Well, I grew up in a musical house so everything I do now I pretty much began from that. My dad and other family members had hella records and it was the norm for me and my cousin Ed Brock to record Red Alert’s radio shows in 2nd grade and up. Yes, I was born in New York!

B-House: Any current producers or emcees that you seem to check for
on a consistent basis?

Aspect1: I’m pretty lucky to have ALOT of friends that are make amazing music, so any of them honestly. Right now I’m listening to a lot of Hi Res, Dahliam, Afta 1, Dibiase and J Bizness. Oh yeah, Danny Brown and Roc Marciano all are constants in rotation.

B-House: Any artist(s) whom you haven’t had the chance to work with
that you wouldn’t mind collaborating with in the future?

Aspect1: As an emcee, Sean Price,De La Soul,Kardinal Official, AND as a producer anyone WORTH WORKING WITH !

B-House: What is your current production set-up looking like?

Aspect1: I’m rocking with Reason 4.0 the MPC 2000 anf the SP 404. Holy Trinity!

B-House: Do you have one particular “go to” piece of equipment? Or
one you just can’t do without (besides the obvious)?

Aspect1: Well, I really favor Reason more than anything now since it has limitless capabilities. I do however still enjoy my MPC and 404 for the differences they present. I’m almost to the point of having them all midi and working with them somewhat as one machine.

B-House: With the release of “Vibe.Over” in the early months of 2010,
what does the future hold for Aspect 1? Collaborations? Another
solo jawn?

Aspect1:  Yesssirr! I have actually another instro album dropping as soon as I pick the release date and I have 3 M.C. projects dropping all by the end of 2010 as well as a EP with Copywrite dropping early 2011!

B-House: Once again, thank you for your time and music and we can’t
wait to hear more good music from you!

Aspect1: Thanks for the opportunity to give some information about my music on your site, much appreciated! PEACE!

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Vega August 11, 2010 at 3:41 am

interesting cat. Loved that “kin folk” beat on his create a following ep

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