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Krts – Remixes for Beards and Flannels

by Eric on July 8, 2010

Yo! I gotta’ say these are some bugged out, yet very addictive remixes. Krts puts his very own ecletic spin on classics such as “Crooklyn”, “1nce Again” and “Dwyck and does so with stellar results! This is 10 tracks of 80′s and 90′s remixes from the free download album, “Remixes for Beards and Flannels”. It feels good to put something out for free and just for fun and relates to one of those late 90′s dubplate findings feeling you know?

Remember that feeling of finding that white label remix or original track on vinyl? Only a dubplate, can only play it a few times before it’s completely worn out. Well, thanks to digital tech., you can play this till your computer crashes! I like to think I recaptured that feeling with some tracks that are very complex and some that are very basic, “bass and beat”.

Really folks, there are 2-step, womp, off-the-grid, indie-dance, underground hiphop, funky, glitchy, and all sorts in just 10 tracks.

Enough of the hype. Go and enjoy a fun track or two, or three….or ten.


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