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Artist Spotlight: Dirty Hank “Born To Save The World, But Got Drunk & Over Slept”

by Travis on July 12, 2010

It’s hard to hide my fondness for rap that’s main subject matter is getting fucked up, shitty women, and the combination of the two. I’m not saying that’s the only thing Providence, Rhode Island emcee Dirty Hank is all about, but he does give some shine to those topics and he does it well. Part of the ever-growing Poorly Drawn People clique, Hank is unapologetic on songs like “Song About A “C” Word” and the PDP member Reason assisted “Overslept”. And while he hates the comparisons, he is equal parts circa 80′s Beastie Boys, a tamed down RA The Rugged Man and Slug, and those are all meant as a compliment. Hank dropped his “Dirty Hank’s Guide to Giving Up”, earlier this year and it has been in steady rotation on my iPod since then. Assisted by super producer Falide and up and coming MadPlaid, the beats are all on point, giving Hank a nice background to drop his alcohol fueled rhymes. Since we both share similar interests, Hank and I chopped it up a bit in what is sure to offend the most liberal street hustling pimp. And if the interview doesn’t offend you, then surely Hank’s list of the “Top 5 Ugly Chicks I’d Still Fuck” will….


When he isn’t making suicide threats or drinking excessively, Dirty Hank a.k.a Adolph Oliver Bush is an MC. He recently spent 6 months working 7 songs in which he compiled into an EP titled, “Dirty Hank‘s Guide to Giving Up”. This unique presentation of random acts of fuckery bleeds pain, anger, frustration, sexual angst, and disgust – all beautifully blended over production from acclaimed Providence beatsmith Falside, and up and comer Mad Plaid. Providence wordsmith, Reason of the Poorly Drawn People collective was pressured into making an appearence on “Fade to Wack” and “Overselpt”. If your not left feeling deprived and anxious after listening to “Dirty Hank‘s Guide to Giving Up”, somebody didn’t do their job.



1. The Yap (Prod by Mad Plaid)
2. Umbrellas and Mac 10′s (Prod by Falside)
3. Overslept ft. Reason (Prod. by Falside)
4. Beatrix Kiddo (Prod. by Mad Plaid)
5. What You Did / What Your Doin’ (Prod by Falside)
6. Fade to Wack ft. Reason (Prod by Mad Plaid)
7. Song About a “C” Word (Prod by Falside)

Artist : Dirty Hank
EP : The Guide to Giving Up
Release Date : 2/16/2010
Label : Cold Circuit
Mood : Dead
Cover Art by Falside

Bloggerhouse: Let’s jump right into it, why do they call you Dirty Hank? Why not Clean Hank, or Somewhat Soiled Hank?

Dirty Hank: It’s hard to be called Clean Hank when you’ve vomited 38 times in the past month and it’s not related to drinking.

BH: How about a little background about your music career? What are some of your influences? What made you want to pick up the mic?

DH: I was the only person in my school who was into hip hop growing up. I got made fun of a lot because of it. I would freestyle and write raps and spit them for my friends and other heads and everyone just thought I was fucking crazy. They still do for the most part. I go somewhere and people introduce me to someone and then add on the “he raps” line and whoever I was just introduced to looks at me like I got six cocks or something. As far as influences go, there really is too many to name. I’m influenced by so much shit.

BH: I’ve seen your style described as, “..unique ability to straddle a thin line between belligerence and mic prowess.” And I even described you as “a circa 1986 Beastie Boy, just more lyrical”. Is that a fair assessment of you as an emcee, or are the “critics” full of shit as usual?

DH: That was the first time someone compared me to the Beastie Boys. You compared me to Slug as well if I remember correctly. It’s straight though. I used to hear all the time that my earlier shit sounded like Redman. Erick Sermon even. I don’t see that whatsoever. I remember someone called me up one time and was convinced I was handing out unreleased Eric Sermon tracks and passing them off as my own. The person was diagnosed with schizophrenia about four months later after this conversation happened though so maybe that’s not as prevalent as it sounds. For real. I hate how critics compare rappers with other rappers, though.

BH: There is a rumor that you run with those Poorly Drawn People cats, how did you hook up with them?

BH: Yeah, I read that rumor in US Weekly. I’ll confirm it. We’re real tight. I actually record everything at Reason’s crib. He mixes all my shit as well. He actually does more favors for me than I ever plan on doing for him. I met him a while ago and we clicked and then I just started getting introduced to everyone else, you know? PDP has helped me a lot and help jump start a lot of shit. I’ll still out drink all of them, but they know that.

BH: You have some previously released projects, what are they?

DH: The first project I ever released was “The Class Act Mixtape.” It was basically just me spitting over industry beats. Hardly any of the joints had hooks and some were very short. There was about 20 tracks on it including some freestyle shit from my man Sterbyrock’s radio show. I digitally released a single called “Wealthy Healthy” which was produced by Falside last July. That was a weird joint for me to make. There was a lot of shit going on in my life when I made that.

BH: You dropped the “Dirty Hank’s Guide to Giving Up” EP earlier in the year, what can new listeners expect from it?

DH: It’s a bunch of music that will make you jealous and make your girlfriend love me, if she doesn’t already. Chances are she does, so that part has already been taken care of.

BH: How did the concept for the EP come about? What kind of goals do you have for it? A Nobel Peace prize?

DH: There isn’t a concept. I just recorded joints and released my favorite ones. The goal is to get as many people to listen to it as possible and hopefully make some new fans and find some homes for my dick.

DH: Who’s this MadPlaid cat you have producing three of the tracks? Also you have four tracks produced by Falside, how did you hook up with that cat?

DH: MadPlaid is a cat from my hometown who just happens to make good music. He’s ill. The way I met Falside is some funny shit. I was at a party one time and had to take a piss. To get to the working bathroom you had to go through the main bedroom in the house. I open the door and start walking through when I notice two people fucking on the bed. It was crazy, the guy had a belt around her neck or some shit. I apologize for interrupting and go back out into the party. About a half hour later I’m having a smoke outside by myself when this kid with a shaved head and a flannel shirt comes up to me and is like “You’re DH right?” I tell him, “Yeah. Who the fuck are you?” I then realize this is the cat that was strangling the broad in the bedroom. He tells me he’s Falside. I had heard his music before so I knew who he was when he said the name. He tells me not to say anything about seeing him banging this chick cause her brother and boyfriend were both inside at the party. I tell him “Motherfucker, you don’t want me to say anything? Produce for me. I want fucking beats.” The rest is history.

BH: Can we expect a full length release from Dirty Hank in the future? Care to share any details?

DH: I just began working on a full length album. I am in the beginning stages of it, sketching it for now, you know. Gathering beats and shit like that. Production and appearances will be made by the usual suspects, and also a few surprises I’m working on. I dive into some serious shit on this one. I like to have fun a lot and tend to fuck around but life sucks most of the time.

BH: What else is coming up?

DH: Myself, Reason and Falside have been working on a small project called “The Monty Brogan EP” which should be out later than sooner. Reason and I also have a weekly radio show here in Rhode Island every Tuesday on 90.3WRIU FM. If you’re in the area, tune in between 3-6PM or you can listen online at I appear on Reason’s new full length album entitled “Landlords and Lullabies.” We did a joint called “Clingers” that was produced by Phillip Drummond out of Cali. You can also check me out over at doing the blog thing thang. Complaining about life is one of my fortes, so we thought it was a good idea if I just wrote everything down and let people know that they’re probably living better than I am.

BH: Any last words for the haters, groupies and fan boys?

DH: Kill me soon.


1. Missy Elliot – I have fucked a bunch of fat chicks but I have never really been into them, you know? But for some reason when I watch Missy Elliot’s “One Minute Man” video, I get extremely horny. Wait….maybes it’s Trina in the video that gets me hahd? Either way. Missy would get it. I’d definitely throw it in her.

2. Faruza Balk – Shit, this one is as ugly as they come. I do love when shes getting fucked in “American History X” by Eddie Norton right before he curbs that cat. She seems like she’d like it really rough with a lot of choking and spit. Sign her up!

3. Conjoined Country Singer Twins Lori and Reba Schappell – I don’t know if I should count this as 3 and 4 because there’s two of them. To save an argument, I’ll just say I’d fuck the one that popped out first. I always like ‘em older. The reason I would fuck them should be obvious – just to say I did. I’d love to be somewhere and have someone bring it up. “Yo, you ever seen these country singers who are attached by the fucking head?”

“Seen em? Shit, I’ve seen them without there clothes on, son.”

4. Nancy Grace – I would love to just fuck this woman’s mouth. I don’t give a shit about having sex with her, but I know that would happen after getting blown. She just shovels so much horseshit into the minds of the American public. I see this woman on TV and every time I just want to grab her by the ears and destroy her fucking cake hole.

5. Andrea Barber – Better known as Kimmy Gibler from the hit TV show “Full House.” This little red head would get it instantly. Once again, another one who I would use for oral pleasure mainly. She really needed to shut the fuck up on that show. But I would only sleep with her to really find out where Uncle Jesse’s wife is at.

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