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Bloggerhouse presents Scrunchface Sundays (on Monday) @ Timeless Daimyo (7.12.10 Full Show Playlist & D/L Links)

by Staff on July 13, 2010

Eric, Travis, St/MiC & I would like to once again thank all of the management, producers, beatmakers and artists that allowed us to play their material on the air for these past nine shows. Eric, Trav & I are looking into doing a full showcase show along with giving out producer & beatmaker contact info on the air where we just play slaps for hours on end soon so please continue to keep those submissions coming. Per usual, information as to where and how to submit music to our show will be provided at the bottom of this post. Apologies to the listeners that our show was on the air  a little later than usual but it couldn’t be helped so thanks for bearing with us yesterday & thanks for becoming a record high audience.

We’d especially like to once again thank St/MIC for his tireless work on arranging our playlists for our Sunday/Monday shows in adverse conditions as well as moving us over to another site where we can pretty much do whatever the hell we want now (HERE) . We just completed our 9th overall “Bloggerhouse presents Scrunchface Sundays” session (on Monday) that aired from 8-11 PM EST  simultaneously on & here @ Bloggerhouse last night and  without his invaluable musical contributions, connections, technical know how & dedication to the vision Eric, Travis, he & I all share our show would not be as fresh as it is. If you missed hearing his exclusive beats that aired the past three weeks get ta downloadin’ & then hit him up @ for beats.

Last night, I posted what was played in order via my Twitter page but now I’ll provide some more information on each individual track so you can find it for yourself through either physical or online measures. Thank God for Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, 7digital, Boomkat, Rush Hour, Juno and the list goes on. Hopefully, we’ll get the show submitted to iTunes so heads can just subscribe to the podcast and get it every week in addition to these Monday/Tuesday posts.

Here are all the tracks that made it to air with downloadable as well as streamable links to the past eight shows. Thank you to all of our listeners over the past nine sessions that have spread the word about our show as my dumb ass has yet to promote it properly (especially our last show two weeks ago) I’ve put threads up on Okayplayer & Dissensus but I really need to get out there & spread the word about Scrunchface Sundays/Mondays more. Imagine if we REALLY made a commitment to promote the show more?

Thanks again to ST/MiC, The Unknown & DJ Ragz. Additional thanks to Slopfunkdust (Beat Fanatic), Jay Large (Producers I Know), OJ Loopz, AB0181 & Kosyne (, FWMJ (Rappers I Know), HipHopHypeDog, everyone @ MOOVMNT, The Find Magazine, Nodfactor, iStandard Producers, Smashcartel, 92bpm, Crate Kings, Dublab, Brainfeeder, Potholes In My Blog, The Soul Dojo, Bama Love Soul, Blackdown, NDM, Butterz, Hyperfrank & all of my people on Twitter & Google Buzz.

Don’t forget to spread the word about this show & seek out the producers whose work you appreciate as this is a producer’s showcase show as well as an opportunity to share the music that we love with all of our readers & listeners. We really need to play some more music with lyrics, huh? To make up for missing our Sunday show and the entire holiday weekend we made this edition an hour longer & next week’s show might go into extra time as well. Here’s the full tracklist w/ info & links. Enjoy:

Bloggerhouse presents Scrunchface Sundays (Monday) playlist for 7.12.2010  8-11 PM EST @ Timeless Daimyo

Floyd The Locsmif  “Analog Drive-By” off “Divine Dezignz #2: Soul, etc.” (iTunes/Amazon/eMusic)

Maker “The Love We Have” off “Maker Vs. Now Again” (Stones Throw)

El Michels Affair “Can It Be All So Simple” (Fat Beats/iTunes/Amazon/eMusic)

Alex Goose “Hova Needs This” off “The Blueprint 3 Outtakes” (Free D/L)

Damu The Fudgemunk “Colorful Storms” off “Spare Time” (REDEFiniton Music/Free D/L/Bandcamp)

KanKick “Nighttime Beauty” off “Beautiful: Opus of Love Deeper Than Flesh” (Grey Label/iTunes/Amazon/eMusic)

Apatight “Ski Mask” off “Aye Pee Beat Library Vol. 2″ (Producers I Know/Bandcamp/Free D/L)

Metaform “Rags To Dusk” off “The Electric Mist” (Just/iTunes/Amazon/eMusic)

Freddie Joachim “Run/Interlude For Dilla” off “In With Time” (Subcontact/iTunes/Amazon/eMusic)

Powell “All In All (Rockie Robbins Dub)” off “Beatnicks Tape Vol. 2″ (UpMyAlley/Free D/L)

Madlib “Sacrifice (Beat A Holic Thoughts)” off “Beat Konducta Vol. 5: Dil Cosby Suite” (Stones Throw)

Lateef Dameer “Sick Without Benefits” off “Diary Of A Ballad Drummer” (Bandcamp)

K-Murdock “Razor’s Tongue” off “iMANGAnation Vol.1″ (Neosonic Productions/Bandcamp)

Leonard Dstroy “Earth Splitter” off “Higher Vibrations” (Bandcamp)

MUDD “Rise and Move” [EXCLUSIVE]

Metal Militia “Deep Thinker” off “Metal Militia” (Bandcamp)

Primo The Cinematic “In Search Of (The Unknown Remix)” [EXCLUSIVE]

Exact Change (ST/MiC and MUDD) “50/50” [EXCLUSIVE]

Bugseed “Soul Diggin’” off ”Bohemian Beatnik” (Bandcamp/Free D/L)

Mweslee “Pacifico” off “Eurocarne EP” (Nod Navigators/Kindred Spirits/iTunes/Amazon)

Michita feat. Chiyori “Michi” off “A Full Life” (Ill Dance Music/iTunes/Amazon)

Nametag f/Danny Brown “At It” off “The Name Is Tag” (Bandcamp/iTunes/Amazon)

Apatight “Aclimatise” off AyePee Beat Library Vol. 2 (Bandcamp/Free D/L)

Nameless “Kraidience” off “16 Bit” (Bandcamp/Free D/L)

Muhsinah “Construction” off “Day.Break 2.0″ (iTunes/Amazon/eMusic)

AB & Daru “On Deck” f/Black Milk off “A Work In Progress” (INnatesounds/iTunes/Amazon/eMusic)

Moka Only “Lemon” off “Lowdown Suite 2: The Box” (Feelin Music/iTunes/Amazon)

B. Lewis “Sleeping On The Moon” off “Mercury Backburner” (Bandcamp/Free D/L)

The ARE “Oh Instrumental” off “Dem Damb Jacksons” (Free D/L/Beat Fanatic/Rappers I Know)

Hudson Mohawke “Overnight” off “Polyfolk Dance EP” (Warp)

Antman Wonder “Don’t Touch My Drums!!!” off “Instrumentals In High Fidelity” (Free D/L)

Shade Cobain “Door Kickin’ (Akai)” off “Cassette Theory: Beat EP” (Bandcamp/Free D/L)

Cook Classics “Instrumental 1” off “Recharged” (iTunes/Amazon/eMusic)

Bruce Slim Beats “Interludio” off “Arte De Samplear” (Mokado)

M.O.P. “Rude Bastard” off “Foundation” (E1)

Brandon Heat of Hellsenda Productions “Slowber” [EXCLUSIVE]

D-Man “2010 (A Space ODDessy)” [EXCLUSIVE & THE CLOSER] *check out his mixtape “Back To The Future: Return To The Past”*

Download the full show MP3′s via Sendspace (5.9.10) HERE. (5.16.10) HERE.  (5.23.10) HERE. (6.6.10) HERE.  (6.13.10) HERE . (6.20.10) HERE. (6.28.10) HERE and this week’s show (7.12.10) HERE.

Streamable D/Loadable Show Links (Usershare): (5.9.10), (5.16.10), (5.23.10), (6.6.10), (6.13 show too big for Usershare), (6.20.10), (6.28.10) & (7.12.10)

Streamable D/Loadable Show Links (Zshare): (5.9.10), (5.16.10), (5.23.10), (6.6.10) , (6.13.10), (6.20.10), (6.28.10) & (7.12.10)

Producers, beatmakers, artists, management or labels can give us permission to play your material on the air, submit music or drops for “Bloggerhouse presents Scrunchface Sundays/Mondays @ Timeless Daimyo” @, or You can also @message/DM us on Twitter @ , Eric Coons (Bloggerhouse) @ & Travis Glave (Bloggerhouse) @ Follow Bloggerhouse on Twitter for site updates @


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