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Pacewon and Mr. Green “Liquor and Drugs” Trailer

by Travis on July 17, 2010

One of my favorite albums of 2008 was Pacewon & Mr. Green’s “The Only Color That Matters is Green”, as I have it listed at #11 on my favorite albums from that year. I’ll always give any former Outsidaz crew member a listen (where ya at Young Zee?) and Pacewon still holds his own on any mic you hand to him. Mr. Green was a fairly new name at the time the album dropped, but his track record since teaming up with Pacewon is nearly impeccable. The new album, “The Only Number That Matters Is One” is due to drop this fall and if this little trailer is indication of what’s to come, then real hip hop is still standing and still doing good….

Here’s the first taste of the upcoming Pacewon and Mr. Green album, “The Only Number That Matters is Won” coming this Fall on Raw Poetix Records / The Orchard.

Directed by Anthony Sylvester

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