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Rap Is Outta Control 7/11 & 7/4 and DJ Premier – LIVE FROM HEADQCOURTERZ

by Travis on July 18, 2010

In celebration of their 15 year anniversary, Duck Down recording artists General Steele, Pharoahe Monch and (of course) Torae joined me on Sunday night to talk about the legacy of the label and their future releases.  They are celeb rating their anniversary tonight at BB King’s in NYC (flyer below).  Rakaa Iriscience from Dilated Peoples was also up at the show and we were playing joints off his album out next week entitled “Crown Of Thorns”.  Good music and guests as always.  I also want to shout out Fat Beats who is celebrating their 16th anniversary tomorrow (no event, just the actual date 7/14).

“Live From HeadQCourterz” airs every Friday night fr om 10PM-12AM w/DJ Premier & Panchi on Hip Hop Nation Sirius XM.
“Rap Is Outta Control” airs every Sunday night from 10PM-12AM w/DJ Eclipse & Torae on Hip Hop Nation Sirius XM.
Rock Steady Crew’s 33rd Anniversary 7/31 – 8/1
DJ MUGGS vs ILL BILL “Kill Devil Hills” 8/24
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FILE NAME: RIOC 1 7-11-10.mp3
FILE SIZE: ~78.89 megabytes

FILE NAME: RIOC 2 7-11-10.mp3
FILE SIZE: ~83.72 megabytes

“Rap Is Outta Control” 7/11/10 Playlist (w/General Steele, Pharoahe Monch & Rakaa)
1. El Da Sensei feat. Tiye Phoenix “Right Moves” prod. by The Returners, cuts by DJ Chwial
2. Black Milk “Welcome (Gotta Go)” prod. by Black Milk
3. Add-2 “Cooley High” prod. by Ynot The Best
4. Magestik Legend “All Eye Know” prod. by Astronote
5. Just-Ice & KRS-One “BLAH,BLAH,BLAH!” prod. by Fred Ones
6. Pharoahe Monch feat. Mela Machinko “Shine” prod. by Diamond D
7. Dynasty feat. Tek “Get Down” prod. by Jinx
8. Rakaa feat. Krondon “Eyes Wide” prod. by DJ Babu
9. Rhymefest feat. Twone Gabz “Truth On You” prod. by Terry Hunter
10. Big Shug “Spit Six” prod. & cuts by DJ Premier
11. Rakaa feat. Aloe Blacc “Crown Of Thorns” prod. by Sid Roams
12. General Steele feat. Dead Prez “Cry Freedom” prod. by 7ven HD
13. Eternia & MoSS “Any Man” prod. by MoSS, cuts by Lil’ Jazz
14. El Da Sensei feat. Rakaa “Knowledge Is The Key” prod. by The Returners, cuts by DJ Chwial
15. Black Milk “How Dare You” prod. by Black Milk
16. The Roots feat. Truck North, P.O.R.N. & Dice Raw “Walk Alone” prod. by ?uestlove, Jeremy Grenhart & Dice Raw
17. A.G. feat. Party Arty “Party Hard, Hustle Hard” prod. by Ray West
18. Rakaa “Delilah” prod. by Evidence
19. Nottz feat. Rah Digga “Cars (Remix)” prod. by Nottz
20. Verbal Kent “Monolouge” prod. by Marco Polo
21. Torae, General Steele & Rakaa Live Freestyle!
22. DJ MUGGS vs ILL BILL “Cult Assassin” prod. by DJ Muggs

What a week for music and events.  Below you’ll find my “RIOC” show from this past Sunday where Torae and I had guests El Da Sensei, PackFM & Tonedeff up on the show both promoting new projects.  Pack’s album “I Fucking Hate Rappers” and El’s “Global Takeover 2″ can be found online and in stores (shortly).  DJ Premier is back on his own “Live From HQ” show and I’ve included his email that he sent out below as well.  Also, Sean Boog & Khrysis aka The Away Team just dropped “Independence Day” on July 4th which I mixed for them.  So a lot of dope music for you to check out below.

Shout out to the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival camp for putting on some dope events this week.  Monday at Brooklyn Bowl with Large Pro, Pete Rock & Premier was crazy.  Looking forward to tomorrow night’s “Salute The DJ” event with too many dope DJ’s to mention here AND the grand finale outdoor concert on Saturday with De La headlining.  Tickets are on sale at Fat Beats (406 6th Avenue).  For more info check out

Coming soon…. Rock Steady Crew’s 33rd Anniversary!!!!!  (July 31-Aug.1)<

FILE NAME: RIOC 1 7-4-10.mp3
FILE SIZE: ~82.29 megabytes

FILE NAME: RIOC 2 7-4-10.mp3
FILE SIZE: ~82.12 megabyte

“Rap Is Outta Control” 7/4/10 Playlist (w/El Da Sensei, PackFM & Tonedeff)
1. Black Sheep “Forever Luvlee”
2. Rhymefest feat. Saigon & Adad “Give It To Me” prod. by Scram Jones
3. Black Milk “How Dare You” prod. by Black Milk
4. Kooley High “There You Go” prod. by 9th Wonder
5. El Da Sensei “Nu World” prod. by The Returners, cuts by DJ Chwial
6. PackFM feat. Deacon The Villain “Wanna Know” prod. by Kno
7. Add-2 “Cooley High” prod. by Ynot The Best
8. Magestik Legend feat. Fes Roc “Where Can I Start” prod. by Hill Inc
9. Just-Ice & KRS-One “BLAH,BLAH,BLAH!” prod. by Fred Ones
10. Eternia & MoSS feat. Tona & Maestro Fresh Wes “Day In The Life” prod. by MoSS
11. El Da Sensei “Till Da Death” prod. by The Returners, cuts by DJ Chwial
12. PackFM “I Fucking Hate Rappers” prod. by Tonedeff
13. Nottz feat. Rah Digga “Cars (Remix)” prod. by Nottz
14. The Roots feat. STS “Hustla” prod. by ?uestlove & Diplo
15. Tonedeff & PackFM “That’s What Happens” prod. by Algorythm
16. Method Man & GZA “Assed Out”
17. El Da Sensei “Blow Up” prod. by The Returners, cuts by DJ Chwial
18. The Roots feat. Joanna Newsom & STS “Right On” prod. by ?uestlove & Alectrick.kom
19. Black Sheep feat. P & V “Come Back Home”
20. PackFM “I Fucking Like Everything” prod. by Deacon The Villain
21. Eternia & MoSS “The Half” prod. by MoSS
22. Vinnie Paz “Drag You To Hell” prod. & cuts by DJ Kwestion
23. MED feat. Talib Kweli “Classic” prod. by Karriem Riggins
24. Kooley High “My Shadow” prod. by Zee Imports
25. El Da Sensei, PackFM & Tonedeff Live Freestyle!





1. Murs & 9th Wonder (f. VerBS)–The Lick
2. Son Of Bazerk–I Swear On A Stack Of Old Hits
3. Blacastan (f. Colom Beyond)–Crate Diggaz
4. Eternia & MoSS–Any Man
5. Eminem–On Fire
6. Grand Daddy I.U.–We On It !
7. Reef The Lost Cause (f. Big Noyd)–What We Rep
8. Vinnie Paz–Righteous Kill
9. The Roots–Doin’ It Again
10. Wu Music Group (f. Method Man)–M.E.F.
11. Nick Javas–Not A Game (DJ Version)
12. Apollo Brown (f. Kenn Starr, Odisee, Sareem Poems)–Lower The Boom
13. Wildstyle SNDTRK (f. Rammellzee, Shock Dell Grandmixer DST. )–Live @ The Amphitheater
14. Rammellzee–Pay The Rent
15. Wu-Music Group (f. Remedy, JoJo Pelligrino)–Transporting
16. Rah Digga–This Aint No Kid Rap
17. Kurupt–Massacre Central
18. Big Shug–Spit Six
19. Actual Proof–Dat Buzz Lightyear
20. Apollo Brown (f. Buff 1, Magestik Legend)–Brag Legend
21. Reef The Lost Cause–Cut U Up
22. Eternia & MoSS–Goodbye

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