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Freddie Joachim-Midway

by Eric on July 19, 2010

Damn son!! I totally forgot about Freddie Joachim’s scheduled drop of “Midway” on Friday! That’s the kinda’ thing that gets lost in the sauce when you have kids, go figure, huh? Anyway, all you have to do is scroll through the archives here at B-House for more of Joachim’s prior work, but in the meantime, cop “Midway”! Also, tune into #SCRUNCHFACE tonite, I’m sure you’ll hear plenty from this instrumental opus.

This is Freddie Joachim’s third full-length album. Midway displays incredible sound production and growth by the So-Cal prodigy, fusing jazz with the NEW sound in hip hop. Old fans can also expect to hear Freddie’s signature boom bap jazzy hip hop vibe that music fans has familiarized over the past few years. Get ready as Freddie/Midway will take you on a smooth musical journey.


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