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Breez Evahflowin – As He Goes In (Mixtape DL)

by Eric on July 28, 2010

New mixtape from Breez Evahflowin, “AS He Goes In..”, presented by Buck 50 Kutter DJ’s. Read Breez’ take on the offering:

Most people I’m cool with are really good at whatever it is they do. In that I’ve been fortunate enough to have made the acquaintance of DJ Rob Swift. A few months back I reached out to Rob and asked if he could recommend any DJ’s, I was looking for a person or crew to put together my Mixtape promoting the “As He Goes On…” LP dropping this fall. He referred me to The Buck 50 Kutter DJs. On that note I’d like to publicly thank Rob. A few months prior I had been blessed with the opportunity to rock with these guys at Rob’s record release party (“the Architect” out now Amazon). These were true Turntablist and I was way impressed. I didn’t want to run that old ‘do it for the love’ song and dance so I didn’t reach out to them. Upon Mr Swift’s recommendation I called the Kutters and they showed love. Out of respect for their time and effort, I left them to do what ever they felt with the 45 songs I gave them.

What manifested in a surprisingly short time later is what I’d like to share with you now. Of course I love it, you would too if it were your songs in their hands . It’s that feeling of creating a part of something and giving it to a team that can bring out it’s potential. They found a story in the songs and told it in a way no one else could. This is beat juggling, precise cuts and fly rhymes on a 52 minute non-stop DJ/MC showcase. A sincere Thank you to Dre Mayes, D’ Official and Dopeman, the Buck 50 Kutter DJs.


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Breez Evahflowin July 29, 2010 at 10:01 pm

thank you for sharing this.
very Much appreciated,


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