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Cookbook & Uno Mas – “Petty” Feat. Scarub

by Eric on July 29, 2010

With their latest album, C&U Music Factory, still snatching up acclaim, long-time duo and LA Symphony co-founders Cookbook & Uno Mas hit us with the album’s second single, “Petty”. This time, the self-proclaimed fundamentalists address their discontent for the increasing emergence of hip-hop amateurs. With the help of featured emcee Scarub (of Living Legends), Cookbook & Uno Mas deliver thought-provoking rhymes, not only to discourage the amateurs, but to showcase their own talents as well. “We’re proclaiming that we are still set apart from the masses due to our skill at our craft, and our musicianship,” says the duo on the message behind their latest track.

Produced by Cookbook, the synth-heavy beat is accompanied by well-said verses about the group’s intolerance for the “wack rhyme disease” that seems to be ever-spreading. The song is filled with proud proclamations of their musical integrity, with lines like, “We started this, and we gon’ finish this/ We been a part of this real rap, no images/ Real artists, hard fact, it’s limitless/ Hard flows, these foes lose their grimaces.” It’s clear that Cookbook & Uno Mas prefer truth to mass appeal. “We want people to dig through, and pull out these golden nuggets that exist,” says the group.

“Petty” is featured on Cookbook & Uno Mas’ C&U Music Factory, out now via AudioSketchBook / End Of Earth Records.

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