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Moe Green – KIM (Video)

by Eric on August 5, 2010

Moe Green hits his fans with a motivational video for his track “KIM” portraying the life of an aspiring emcee. The video echoes the intentions of the song, depicting the day to day struggle of an artist hitting the streets and working to get his voice heard. Although Green has seen a recent swell of recognition with his inclusion on KMEL’s Freshman 10 and a great deal of buzz over his new album Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match, Moe continues to push hard for recognition. “The video and the song highlight the fact that I’m still working to reach new plateaus,” says Green. “I can’t stay in the same place. I’m always looking to make moves, and the video takes you through a day of that struggle.” Although shot entirely in black and white, the video offers an uplifting and inspiring image: A young man who, in his own words, is “just trying to make it like everybody else.”

The video for “KIM” is shot and directed by Myke Ward. You can also download Moe Green’s “Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match” (courtesy of Interdependent Media) HERE.

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