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It Ain’t Illegal Yet – Del’s Latest Album (..and spend a day with Del?)

by Eric on August 6, 2010

Now this is a pretty interested take on how to move a record, hmmm. Read below for more details:

From the Depths of Sir Dzl’s Funk lab come the latest Journal entries of Funk! An Ill blend of his traditional funk, battle raps and the Futuristics of Deltron zero! You Pick the Price! This is Del’s 2nd Pick your Price Album. Due to the continued success of Automatik Statik We decided to continue this method. Here are the levels:

*Minimum $3

*$15 and up you get the limited signed hard copy (pressed by skull candy and arnette eyewear) of the cd

* $30 and up you get the limited signed cd, a set of skull candy headphones/or ear buds.

*$50 and up you get the cd, Headphones, and a limited edition tour poster signed by Del to YOU

*$100 and up you get The Hierollers pack! Signed cd and 5 different tour posters, Del shirt (men’s, m-xxl), women’s (sm-lrg) and a personal Phone call from Sir Dzl Himself!

*$500 and up you get The Hierollers pack Plus a custom beat by del.

*$1000 and up you get The Hierollers pack, Plus a song with your input (you guys can talk about how it should be, sound and content

*$3000 and up you get the Hierollers pack, A custom song and you can fly out and spend a day with del!

***10,000 you get an Ep! A 5-7-song project where you get to work with del on the concept, vibe and the content! With you credited on the album! Come spend a day with Sir DZL and add your 2cents on the project you want Del to make! Real Talk!

(The 3k and 10k offers will have to be interviewed before Del can agree to move forward, Do to The Jerks and Dobalina’s in the world! If you are seriously interested email subject (Serious Business)

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Quality August 7, 2010 at 2:28 pm

Most interestin way to market an album i’ve seen in a minute, salutes to Del.

Derek September 8, 2010 at 10:54 am

I’m going to go find 10 G’s. The bank won’t mind if I hit them back later, I’m sure.

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