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Drum Machines Have No Soul – IV the Polymath

by OSnapple on August 11, 2010

Drum Machines Have No SoulOk so I will officially and publicly insert my foot into my mouth  for my recent behind the scenes comment about how I can not find an instrumental album that I like.

Not only do I like the album but with a name your own price option and 10% of sales going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital this does nothing but good for everyone involved.

Like I posted earlier with Alphabethead here is another beat tape, this time from IV the Polymath that has come through the inbox. This is one of those albums that put me in a motivated state of mind.  Again it had a catchy name (which is probably why I listened in the first place), and it was done on 2 pieces of machinery, The MPC 1000 and Tech 1200′s.

Grab the Download at his bandcamp page HERE or check out the stream below of some of my favorite funk jazz off the tape.

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