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Iller Than Theirs “THE GOODEST LOOK b/w SNEAKER KIDS Digital 7-inch” (MP3)

by Travis on August 11, 2010

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both tracks produced by Scott Thorough

cover art by Kray

The Goodest Look by modernshark

This should have came out a long time ago. I was supposed to do the artwork. I did some artwork and hated it. The songs sat finished, without artwork, for a long time. One day Kray decided to do the artwork himself, and created the artwork you see here. And now you are reading this.


Trav’s Take: I don’t hide the fact that I’m a big fan of the whole Nuclear Family, which is made up of Junk Science and of course Iller Than Theirs, which had a dope album that got slept on during the rather dope 2007. Made up of Tone Tank (interview coming soon) and Kray, their sound is similar to what you would expect from a Junk Science release, except harder, which I guess Iller Than Theirs would be. It’s good to hear this group again drop some new music. “The Goodest Look” has a little more of a non-hip hop beat to it, but it actually grew on me. “Sneaker Kids” is just straight up dope, something that I’m sure will be rising up my favorite songs of the year.

Sneaker Kids by modernshark

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