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What’s New In Dart’s iPod #20 AKA Three Years & 5 Days In The Life Of…

by Staff on August 15, 2010

This edition of “What’s New In Dart’s iPod” is later than Saigon’s “The Greatest Story Never Told”. I got so wrapped up in other projects that I forgot to write these reviews out. I apologize to all of the people & groups that sent me material to review. Hopefully, I can clear my slate sooner next time and post these up in a respectable amount of time. At least I’m not The Source and I don’t feel the need to pull a stunt in order to generate interest in my reviews. After 3 years and five days of reviewing albums all by myself, the least I owe my readers is to be honest with them (and myself) after 129 (109 @ Poisonous Paragraphs & 20 here @ Bloggerhouse) of these posts.  Here we go:

Ayatollah “Live From The MPC 60″ 8.17.2010

Ayatollah’s “Live From The MPC 60″ is a 3 disc collection of his albums “Drum Machine”, “The Quixotic” & “Cocoon”. I copped them all digitally but you can actually get a physical copy of all three albums (I gave Mos Def’s to all three) for only $15.97 @ UGHH & $16.98 @ Amazon. If you didn’t cop these digital only albums before then this is the time to pick them up as they could cost up to $28 to buy individually. 69 tracks & 150 minutes of scrunchface music at this price simply can’t be turned down. Highly recommended.

Bliss N Eso “Running On Air” 7.30.2010

The last Bliss N Eso album was hailed as a modern classic and it was well received in Europe and Oceania (Australia & New Zealand). In fact it was still on the charts up until the new jawn dropped last month (Dayum!). Story goes that it also knocked Eminem’s “Recovery” out of the top spot in Australia as well. Understandable as it’s one of the better Hip Hop albums made this year (but in my opinion M Phazes’ album is better). If you’re into beats & rhymes then you should definitely check “Running On Air” out. I recommend this one.

Bun B “Trill O.G” 8.3.2010

This is a damn good album. It had quite a few guest appearances I could’ve done without and a few beats were hit or miss but I’d recommend it. All that being said “Trill O.G” is NOT a 5 mic album. No way. I’ve been listening to Bun B since high school (I graduated from high school in 1995 for reference) and I’m a fan of his but this effort isn’t up there with “Marcberg” or “The Hybrid” or “The Reset” or any of the other albums we regard as “Album Of The Year” contenders. Why lie? Fuck it…

Camu Tao “King Of Hearts” 8.17.2010

If you weren’t aware of what Camu Tao was up to during the recording of his posthumous album “King Of Hearts” or you weren’t up on his side project as Central Services alongside El-P then this album will probably blindside you. It’s called “King Of Hearts” for a reason, people.

I’ll admit that the song “Death” did freak me out. Camu sings all over this project but on tracks like “Major Team”, “Ind Of The Worl” and “When You’re Going Down” he spits some verses. I think this would have blown up had it dropped on time & Camu not passed. If you’re a Camu fan, cop it. If you like  alternative or different kinda shit definitely check it out. The Central Services’ project comes with it @ retail as well. Cop it. RIP Camu Tao.

Tha Dogg Pound “100 Wayz” 8.17.2010

This DPG project was supposed to drop years ago but went through several distribution issues and it switched labels a few times as well. This album features appearances from RBX, Soopafly, Snoop Dogg, Lady Of Rage, Nate Dogg & Butch Cassidy and Kurupt kills this shit. I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard, especially on jawns like “Dogg Pound Gangstaz”, “Anotha Clip” & “I Fears No One”. If you’re a diehard DPG fan, cop this. If not, you can stand to save your money as too much other shit is out right now. Maybe.

Exile “Radio AM/FM” 8.31.2010

This project consists of a bunch of remixes and reworkings of Exile’s modern classic instrumental album from last year “Radio”. What’s crazy is that this album is sickening in it’s own right. “Radio AM/FM” features remixes from luminaries such as Shafiq Husayn, Samiyam, Knxwledge, P.U.D.G.E, Free The Robots, Mike Gao, Clutchy Hopkins, Take & DJ Day. It also has reworkings featuring the talents of Aloe Blacc, Muhsinah, J. Mitchell, Evidence, Krondon, Co$$, Blu, Blame One, Grouch, Eligh, The Alchemist, Fashawn, Big Tone & ADaD. You can’t afford to sleep on this. Mos def. Cop this jawn when it drops.

Fat Joe “The Darkside Vol. 1″ 7.27.2010

Fat Joe’s last album sucked balls like Montana Fishburne. It sounded like Montana Fishburne’s ass looks. This album doesn’t suck like a nun with a hockey mask on. I would recommended it but even though it doesn’t suck I cannot bring myself to say that you should spend money on it. Not in a year like this. If you’re a die hard Fat Joe fan you won’t be disappointed but if you’re a Hip Hop head you won’t be kicking yourself over sleeping on it, either. Maybe.

Freddie Gibbs “Str8 Killa EP” 8.3.2010

Cop it. It’s dope. Next?

Kanzulu/Kan Kick “Full-Time Work, Part-Time Pay” 8.3.2010

If you’re a beathead and you heard last week’s edition of The Scrunchface Show then you heard two selections from the latest Kan Kick offering that were bananas. I’m here to tell you that the entire project is 23 tracks and 55 minutes of liquid fire. His last project was one of my overall favorites of last year and this jawn is no different. Don’t sleep on “Full-Time Work, Part-Time Pay”. Cop it here. Mos def.

LMNO “Tripping On This Journey” 8.10.2010

LMNO & Astronote teamed together to make his 7th LP of the year and yet another ill project. It’s crazy how LMNO has stayed dropping heat all throughout 2010 with ease. Don’t sleep on “Tripping On This Journey”, either. We’ve been playing tracks from it on “The Scrunchface Show” for the past couple of weeks and it’s Bloggerhouse approved. Cop it.

Madlib “Medicine Show No. 7: High Jazz” 7.20.2010

If you like Madlib and/or jazz then you should cop this. If you’re not that into Jazz just save your cash as Medicine Show No. 8 is just around the corner.

Mike Posner “31 Minutes To Takeoff” 8.10.2010

I’ve never been to impressed by Mike Posner. I don’t like The-Dream. I don’t like Trey Songz. I don’t like David Guetta. I don’t like Taio Cruz. He reminds me of all these cats smashed together. I like Colin Munroe. I like Jamie Lidell. I like Miles Bonny. I like Mayer Hawthorne. I like Bilal. I like Dwele. I like Kenna. I even like The Kickdrums. He doesn’t remind me of anyone I actually like. This album bored me. I felt like Kat Stacks at church, this was the opposite of what I’m into. Skip this jawn.

Moe Pope “Life After God” 8.10.2010

Moe Pope is one of Boston’s best kept secrets but after this album he may not be a secret too much longer. Produced entirely by Rain, I saw quite a few of these songs performed live months ago, they were ill then and their even iller in headphones. Expect “Life After God” to end up in a few “Best Of 2010″ lists when it’s all said and done. Sleep on it at your own risk. You can cop it here.

Shawn Lee “Sing A Song” 7.20.2010

If you were a fan of Mark Ronson’s “Version” album then you’ll enjoy this. This Ubiquity release dropped back on July 20th and I get my promo copy hella late. If you like instrumentation or throwback sounds akin to Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, Amy Winehouse or Mayer Hawthorne this look into “Sing A Song”. If not? Keep on movin’ like Soul II Soul. If you dig that kinda shit, get it here.

Street Justice “Go H.A.A.M!” 8.31.2010

This Hip Hop band outta Detroit has been making some power moves as of late with the release of their mixtape “Follow The Drip” & the lead single “Breakin’ Rocks” from their long awaited debut “Go H.A.A.M!”. This 13 song collection paints a picture of life and struggle in the city of Inkster and how it is to be a part of the Detroit Hip Hop scene in general.

Street Justice is on the cusp of breaking out nationally rather than just being known in Detroit and the Midwest with this project. All you need to hear is tracks like “Music Is A Gift”, “Breakin’ Rocks”,”Go H.A.A.M!”, “Time 4 Us”, “The Long Await” or “Can’t Wait” for proof. If you slept on them up until now there’s always time to catch up before the album drops. You’re welcome, world.

Tokimonsta “Midnight Menu” 7.27.2010

Tokimonsta, the first lady of Brainfeeder is back with her second official release of the year in “Midnight Menu”. This effort follows up her well received “Cosmic Intoxication EP” off Ramp a few months ago. On “Midnight Menu”, Toki drops some more straight forward beat selections as opposed to her previous release.

Whereas “Cosmic Intoxication” was heavy on the glitchy side and extremely herky jerky, “Midnight Menu” is more directed towards headnod/scrunchface material so if you weren’t feeling “Cosmic Intoxication” for wahtever reason you should definitely check this Art Union project out. Highly recommended. You can cop it here or here for a dollar less @ Amazon.

Trek Life “Everything Changed Nothing” 7.27.2010

What do you get when you add DC’s own Oddisee alongside Cali’s own Trek Life? One of the best albums of 2010, that’s what. Bars from Trek Life perfectly complement Oddisee’s sonic backdrops (with an assist from Hudson Mohawke). Guest appearances from Oddisee, Olivier DaySoul, Audio Live, Skeem Price, Ralph Real with cuts from DJ Buddy make “Everything Changed Nothing” even fresher than it was.

Jawns like “Ready To Live”, “Still Never Rains”, “As The World Turns”, “Everything Changed Nothing”, “Wow” and “What It Is” make this a perfect ridin’ around album. This album bangs in headphones or car speakers, believe me. You will be kicking yourself in the ass for sleeping on this one. Mos def. Next?

Vandalyzm “Megatron Majorz Redux” 8.17.2010

A few years ago, I first heard the homie Vandalyzm’s debut project “Megatron Majorz”. He had it up for sale on his MySpace page and I reviewed it for Poisonous Paragraphs. I loved what I heard and I even gave it a mos def. The next year, Vandalyzm posted it up as a free download on Poisonous Paragraphs and he started working on an amended and updated version of “Megatron Majorz” as well as a follow up project

. After dropping the eye opening mixtape “Vandalyzm Is Not The Father” and finally hearing the updated “Megatron Majorz Redux” all I can do is marvel at how he made one of my favorite albums of ’08 even better as it’s well known that classic material is timeless.

On August 17th, be prepared to cop. From the opening bars of “The Allspark” to “Yes Sir” it’s obvious this incarnation is a step above the previous version I already loved. “Studio Gangstas” got updated, “Charity Case”, “Trickin’” and my personal favorite “Chip” are all going to be heard by the audience they finally deserve.  The 9th Wonder produced “Move On ‘Em” and Khrysis produced lead single “Self Evaluation (Go In)” lead right into the monster track “Click Clack”.

The 14KT gem “Sole” followed by the Flying Lotus banger “Get Dough” into Vandalyzm’s own “Three The Hard Way” featuring Wafeek & Finale will have you nodding your head harder than Kat Stacks in Young Money’s house. PAUSE! © Run DMC.

Guest appearances from Rockwell Knuckles, Gotta Be Karim, Marv Won, Drix, Black Spade, Wafeek and Finale in addition to top flight production from Vandalyzm, Khrysis, Soul Professa, 9th Wonder, Flying Lotus & 14 KT and killer bars from Vandalyzm over 17 tracks and more than 7o minutes of music all add up to another mos def. Cop “Megatron Majorz Redux” on August 17th from SoulSpazm Records. Bloggerhouse approved.

Versis “iLLCANDESCENT” 8.10.2010

Cali emcee Versis dropped this album last week right under our noses via Bandcamp. Quite a few heads still managed to take notice even though it dropped under the radar (myself included). All I can say is listen for yourselves. I copped a copy & you’ll be hearing some of these tracks coming up next week on Bloggerhouse’s own Scrunchface Show. “iLLCANDESCENT” comes highly recommended from me.

Zo! “Sunstorm” 7.27.2010

Y’all know who Zo! is (not to be confused with producer Zo AKA La Chauve-Souris)? He’s a producer, instrumentalist and music teacher in the DC area. Some of you may have heard 2008′s “Zo! and Tigallo Love The 80′s” project. Some of you may have heard “Just Visiting Too” off Foreign Exchange Music. More of you may be familiar with Zo! through his 2009 project with Asylum 7 “Overdue Process”. Either way, “Sunstorm” is some smooth as Soul music that you can’t afford to front on.

I know people always complain about modern R&B but when people try to put them on to that good shit they act like Deebo just rolled up on ‘em askin’ ‘em what they got on his 40 but that shit is dead in 2010. If you cop “Sunstorm” you will NOT regret it. You may want to beat yourself up (no Fight Club) for not copping his previous releases. This album is Arsenio Hall slapping folks at a wine & cheese party for not warning him about how damn good the cheese is good. Cop it now. Got it? I’m gone.


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Kyrnan August 16, 2010 at 8:53 am

good looking out. been waiting on one of these.

Josef Zehetner August 17, 2010 at 4:20 am

Nice Reviews as usal. But i don’t agree with you on the Bun B album. I like his guest appearances, but his flow and style bored me after a few tracks. Also i can’t stand the double-timing drums on every! track. Boy, i felt the need to comment on that album after 5 tracks – at least i just bought the Trek Life album to stop my ears bleeding from the Bun B shit.

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