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Richard Wright – The Switch Up 2.0 f. Trek Like (prod. by J. Bizness)

by Eric on August 19, 2010

Riding the wave of critical acclaim off his Oddisee-produced sophomore album, Everything Changed Nothing, Trek Life continues to show the world his lyrical prowess on the Richard Wright remix, “The Switch Up 2.0,” produced by J.Bizness. “I got here, I learned to make something from less/ And I don’t front to be fresh, and I ain’t frontin’ for press/ Nah, that ain’t never my style, I just provide sound/ I make bigger moves; leave y’all to write it down/ I’m trying’ to see shows for more than four figures/ Go ahead, make the blogs, we’ll make SportsCenter,” rhymes Trek.

Unlike many other rappers, Trek’s not just talk: his single, “So Supreme,” was used by ESPN for both NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals spots which can be seen HERE.  The West Covina emcee flows effortlessly over J.Biz’s driving electric guitar, vocal samples and sporadic chimes while the drumbeat keeps heads bobbing and bodies moving. A bonus track, not included on Everything Changed Nothing, this remix showcases Trek Life’s poised delivery as he quickly climbs to the top of the west coast hip-hop scene.

“The Switch Up 2.0″

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