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2 Hungry Bros. Present 8THW1 – No Room For Dessert (Review/B-House Approved)

by Eric on August 23, 2010

No Room For Dessert”-2 Hungry Bros. Present 8THW1

“Say My Name Right”


New Jersey, home to such lyrical legends as Poor Righteous Teachers, Redman and Naughty By Nature is still alive and strong, thanks to the recent outing from New Jeruz native, 8THW1′s (along with production from 2 Hungry Bros.), “No Room For Dessert”.  A clever album title no doubt, but judging from 2 Hungry Bros. twitter account, I’m calling bulls*t if you take a gander at their Twitpic history!  However, no new jacks to the game, the 2 Hungry Bros. have provided some of the underground’s finest emcees, to include Vast Aire, Breez Evahflowin, Reef the Lost Cauze and Shabaam Sahdeeq with a healthy dosage of heat over the past few years.

Hot on the heels of the successful compilation LP, “Table Manners”, the production duo of Deep and Ben Boogz a.k.a. 2 Hungry Bros. have laced 8THW1 with a production canvas that revisits the days of the SD50′s (Stimulated Dummies) in their prime.  One listen to the album’s up-tempo opener, “Say My Name Right”, and you’ll wonder just how often 2 Hungry Bros. bumped “One For All” in their respective headphones . Meanwhile, for those who are yearning for more than just “the beats”, the lyrical content of 8thW1 is comprised of clever wordplay with tongue-in-cheek humor that, while not on the same playing field, oddly enough, will evoke memories of Sadat X and Grand Puba Maxwell in their lyrical heyday.   Amidst such gems as the breezy “Everyday” you’ll uncover intelligent bars that blend effortlessly with the seamless production of 2 Hungry Bros.

An enjoyable venture/listen from start to finish, “No Room For Dessert” also features like-minded emcees Von Pea, Homeboy Sandman, “Fresh Daily” and P.So  Clocking in at an “Illmatic”-like 41 minutes, “No Room For Dessert” doesn’t designate much time for wastage.  At only 11 tracks (although, the album’s last track, “Be On You” includes a bonus cut upon the track’s finish) deep, the sole producer/one emcee formula works wonders, yet again!  I just don’t understand why more cats don’t craft complete albums with just one producer?  I’m telling you, the chemistry, the vibe, it’s all there and “No Room For Dessert” is any different.

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Pooch August 24, 2010 at 7:11 am


Right in line with the new run of “tru-ish” school emcees.


Kid Captain Coolout August 24, 2010 at 7:36 am

Excellent review, i agree with you 100% and if I had to say it myself, I’d have worded it no different than you just did! The minute I heard this album I was shocked to not see a gang of reviews across the web on it. But that’s the beauty of it as well, it’ll organically find it’s way becuz this shit is freshly serious.

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