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“The Lookout” by Apollo Brown (Underground Producer Recognition) Issue #2

by Apollo Brown on August 25, 2010

NICK THA 1DA (Producer/Record Collector)

This week’s “Lookout” is on an amazing producer, and an all-around good dude out of Baltimore, Maryland named Nick Tha 1da. Considering himself a loop digger and a record collector first, he represents a dying breed in hip hop. He also helps represent the fast growing DMV hip hop scene along with other producers like Oddisee, Kev Brown, Zo, and yU. I met this cat back in early 2009 during the Red Bull Big Tune in Detroit, but I had already known about him and heard alot of his music when I was working on Finale’s album, “A Pipe Dream and a Promise”. Nick Tha 1da a.k.a. Ethnick, produced a couple well known tracks for Finale called “Jungle Music” and “Weekends” around that time.

It is said that Nick has about 40,000 records in storage. I believe him, one, because he showed me pictures, two, his vast knowledge in all types of music is ridiculous, three, his beats reflect some type of shit that you and I both have never heard before. Just check out his blog ( ) and you’ll get to know everything about this man; you’ll be on there for hours on end, that is, if you like good music. You can hit Nick up on twitter as well at ( ). I’m a big fan and I urge and advise you to check out the projects that this dude has been a part of. Be on THE LOOKOUT!!

Here are a few Nick Tha 1da-produced joints:

Crate Diggin’ NYC 2010 w/ Nick Tha 1da

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