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“The Lookout” by Apollo Brown (Underground Producer Recognition) *Introduction

by Apollo Brown on August 25, 2010

As a Producer, looking out for good sounds, good drums, and just overall good music is important to me. It always has been, since I was a kid. It’s no coincidence that during my life’s most influential ages, 11-16, the corresponding years just happened to be 1991-1996. That was the single greatest 5 year span in hip hop history, in my opinion. I can’t begin to name how many classic albums came out in that time-frame, and it was THAT era that made me want to become a producer. Those were the days when I could turn on the radio and hear Gangstarr, followed by A Tribe Called Quest, mixed in with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots and Janet Jackson; the days I could turn on the TV and watch a Wu Tang video in the same ten minute block as Smashing Pumpkins. There was a chance you could hear the best mixtape of your life in the form of a great radio show. It seems in those days, everyone had a chance to be seen and heard on the big stages.

Now? If you want to HEAR good music, you literally have to get a shovel, some gloves, a coalminer’s hat, and dig for it. If you want to SEE a good performance, you’re reduced to a signless hole in the wall bar or basement lounge, which I guess can be cozy for some. Can WE, yes WE (us culprits of good music), get some radio play and/or some television exposure along side everyone else? There IS a fanbase for it! Digging gets tiring, and most times the only thing I really want to dig for is old dusty vinyl. Like I said before, good music is important to me, but it’s also important to me that those responsible for it, get some type of notice. We all make music for the world to hear and not everyone gets the outlet, recognition, and/or attention that they deserve. That’s what this section is about! I’m only one man, with one set of ears, so I don’t know about everything and everyone in hip hop, but I WILL try and share a little bit about some of those that I do know about; some of those, who I feel, deserve more.

In my small weekly contribution to Bloggerhouse, I want (and feel the need) to expose you to certain underground producers that I’m personally a fan of, and heavily vouch for. Whether it’s just a video, one song, or the availability of a whole discography, I’m gonna to try and get you to be on THE LOOKOUT!!  Stay tuned for my next feature…

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