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Bloggerhouse presents: The Return of The Shelved Album (Jemini The Gifted One)

by Eric on August 25, 2010

“Scars And Pain”-Jemini The Gifted One

Slated Release Date: (1995, Polygram/Mercury)

“Brooklyn Kids”

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Ya’ know?  I was just thinkin’ last nite: “I wonder if the majority of these cats whose albums were unreleased/shelved have attained even more notoriety in the present day than they would have, had their respective albums been released during the slated release time-frame”?  I mean, c’mon, albums such as Young Zee’s “Musical Meltdown”, Large Pro’s “The LP” (well, maybe not so much in Large Pro’s case) and even today’s long lost LP/EP, Jemini The Gifted One’s “Scars And Pain” have gained sort of a cult following over the last 15 or so years.

Prior to his 2003 album with famed/quirky producer Danger Mouse, “Ghetto Pop Life” (which, is surprisingly, very solid as the odd pairing works well), Jemini The Gifted One first assaulted the ears of listeners with a double dose of flavor with the 12″ “Funk Soul Sensation” and the equally potent “Brooklyn Kids” in 1995.  Boasting production from both Minnesota (“Brooklyn Kids”) and Organized Konfusion (who’s East Coast bounce  on “Funk Soul Sensation” is very reflective of the production canvas found on “Stress: The Extinction Agenda” just one year prior), one would have sworn that Mercury had a diamond in the ruff with the inclusion of Jemini on their impressive roster.  Not the case, as Mercury was just kind enough to press up promo copies of “Scars and Pain”, presumably to serve as the proper warm-up to a full-lengthy LP from the Brooklyn native, yet they dropped the ball on what would have been a nice revival to the fading golden-age sound that would soon die out in the later portion of 1996.

Comprised of only seven cuts, Jemini’s “Scars and Pain” EP also featured another appearance from O.K. on the production tip with “Letcho ‘Batyflo” and two submissions from D.I.T.C.’s Buckwild (“Story Of My Life” and the title cut). In the same vein as O.C.’s “Born 2 Live” from O.C.’s classic debut “Word..Life”, “Story Of My Life” finds Jemini perfecting his half-rapping/half-sing-songy delivery that would later become relevant on the “Ghetto Pop Life” LP. Whereas, for the “backpack banger”, Jemini unveils his alter-ego (think: Slick Rick or Biggie’s “Warning”) over some funky-ass East Coast bounce provided by the lyrically-inclined duo.

Damn, it’s easy to overlook, yet Mercury had the underground on lock, releasing albums that ranged from “Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop”, “Roxbury 02119″, “Theme + Echo = Krill” to Jemini’s “Scars & Pain”. Sadly enough, one of the true gems from the label would never see the light of retail.

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