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Bloggerhouse presents The Scrunchface Show (on Tuesday) @ Timeless Daimyo (8.24.10 Full Show Playlist & D/L Links)

by Staff on August 25, 2010

Eric, Travis, St/MiC & I would first like to thank all of the management, producers, beatmakers and artists that allowed us to play their material on the air and interview them live for these past fifteen shows (Time is flying by, isn’t it?). Eric, Trav & I are still working up to a full beat showcase show along with giving out producer & beatmaker contact info live on the air where we just play slaps for hours on end soon so please continue to keep those submissions coming as we ideally want it to happen either @ in late September. Per usual, information as to where and how to submit music to our show will be provided at the bottom of this post.

We’d  like to thank St/MiC for his tireless work on arranging our playlists for our shows as well as moving us over to another site where we can pretty much do whatever the hell we want now (HERE) . We just also had our tech guy Owen create a new listening site complete with a chatbox just last week (HERE). We successfully completed our 15th overall live “Bloggerhouse presents The Scrunchface Show” broadcast  that aired from 8-11 PM EST  simultaneously on & on All of us @ Bloggerhouse would also like to send prayers & well wishes out to ST/MiC’s family & his mother in law as she recovers from surgery.

If you missed hearing exclusive beats & selections from ST/MiC, Has Lo, K-Murdock or Ill Poetic then check our archives, get ta downloadin’ & also hit up ST/MiC @ for beats or engineering work. Also thanks to Owen AKA OSnapple as his technical expertise was much needed. Maybe I’ll stop talking reckless during the breaks? Nah, never happen…

Last night, I  never even attempted to post what was played in order via my Twitter page because it began with DJ Eric C. blends on Scrunchface Show #15 leading into exclusive selections from K-Murdock & Ill Poetic so it was in exercise in futility. We didn’t even recap what we played at the end of the night, opting instead to just let our blends play so it’s all covered here. I even separated the blended tracks in Eric’s mix so they’re easily identifiable. Our show is finally available on iTunes so heads can just subscribe to the podcast and get it every week while we post the complete tracklist & info here. All you need to do is type in “Bloggerhouse” or “Scrunchface” in the iTunes Store’s podcast search to find us or use the iTunes link provided below.

Thank you to all of our listeners over the past fifteen Scrunchface Show sessions that have tuned in to our show religiously and done a great job of promoting it worldwide. We’ve gained listeners in Canada, Australia, Sweden, the UK & even the former Soviet Union in recent shows so it’s working (There WILL be T shirts made available via Sneaker Politics with our new logos on them). Now that we have a gang of ill producers & emcees confirmed for upcoming shows (in addition to the 5th Beatle Has-Lo) things are really taking off. Be sure to also look out for Bloggerhouse Recordings, coming soon from Eric, Travis & myself in the coming year.

Thanks again to OSnap, ST/MiC, MUDD, The Unknown & DJ Ragz. Additional thanks to Slopfunkdust (Beat Fanatic), Jay Large (Producers I Know), OJ Loopz, AB0181 & Kosyne (, FWMJ (Rappers I Know), the wonderful people @ Audible Treats, Jonathan Kim, Havana Joe @ Stones Throw, DJ Houseshoes, Jordan Rockswell, HipHopHypeDog, everyone @ MOOVMNT, The Find Magazine, Nodfactor, iStandard Producers, Smashcartel, 92bpm, Crate Kings, Dublab, Brainfeeder, Potholes In My Blog, Jaz Ford, The Soul Dojo, Bama Love Soul, Blackdown, NDM, Butterz, Hyperfrank, Tres Records, SoulSpazm Records, DigiCrates, Doxside Music Group,  Stephanie @ A Side Worldwide, Interdependent Media, Weightless Music, Neosonix Productions, Up Above, Ramp, Uncommon Records, Stones Throw, Alpha Pup Records, Decon, Ninja Tune, One Handed Music, Melting Pot Music, Jus Like Music, Klipm0de, Mochilla, Libyus Music, Underground Hip, Fat Beats & all of my people on Twitter & Google Buzz.

Don’t forget to help us spread the word about this show & seek out the producers whose work you appreciate from our broadcasts as this is a producer’s showcase show as well as an opportunity to share the music that we love with all of our readers & listeners.  Here’s the full show tracklist. Enjoy:

Bloggerhouse presents The Scrunchface Show: The K-Murdock & Ill Poetic Interview Edition (Tuesday) playlist for 8.24.2010  8-11 PM EST @ Timeless Daimyo

The Essentials “Untitled Instrumental” [EXCLUSIVE & THE OPENER]

Jazz Addix “Bless The Child” (Neosonix Remix)

Jazz Addix “Showrunners” (ST/MiC Remix)

Wordsworth “Be A Man” off “Mirror Music” (M3 Hip Hop/iTunes/Amazon)

Apollo Brown “Block Elements” off “Make Do” (iTunes/Amazon/eMusic)

Black Milk “Try” off “Tronic” (Fat Beats/iTunes/Amazon)

J. Bizness  f/Richard Wright & Trek Life “The Switch Up 2.0″ (Rappers I Know/Mello Music Group)

LMNO & Astronote “Opening Statement” off “Tripping On This Journey” (Up Above/iTunes/Amazon/eMusic)

The Left f. Hassaan Mackey “How We Live” off “Gas Mask” (Mello Music Group/iTunes/Amazon/UGHH) *Drops 10.26

D. Black “Let It Go” off “Ali’yah” (MYX Music/iTunes/Amazon)

Koncept f. Silent Knight “The Preview” off “Playing Life” (Brown Bag All Stars/Bandcamp)

Celph Titled & Buckwild “Step Correctly” off “Nineteen Ninety Now” (No Sleep/iTunes/Amazon/UGHH) *Drops 10.26

Boog Brown & Apollo Brown “Just Be” off ‘Brown Study” (Mello Music Group/iTunes/Amazon/UGHH) *Drops 9.28

Cormega “Dirty Game” off “Born And Raised” (Aura/Amazon/iTunes)

8THW1 & 2 Hungry Bros. “Everyday” off “No Room From Dessert” (Domination Music/iTunes/Amazon)

Chief f. Moka Only “Felt Before” off “Collabo Collection” (Feelin’ Music/iTunes/Amazon)

K-Murdock interview  w/Eric C., ST/MiC & Dart Adams

Jay-Z  f/Lil’ Wayne “Hello Brooklyn” (Neosonix Remix) [EXCLUSIVE]

K-Murdock “Butter” [EXCLUSIVE]

K-Murdock & Random AKA MegaRan “Galaxies” off “Forever Famicom” (Neosonic/Bandcamp/iTuness/Amazon)

K-Murdock f/Raheem DeVaughn “Ms. High Heels” off “Piano-Rama” (Neosonic/Bandcamp/iTunes/Amazon)

K-Murdock “Instrumental” [EXCLUSIVE]

K-Murdock “Revolution World Crazy Instrumental” off “12 Step Program” (Neosonic/Bandcamp/iTunes/Amazon)

K-Murdock “Skyscraping Instrumental” [EXCLUSIVE]

Ill Poetic interview w/Eric C., ST/MiC & Dart Adams

Ill Poetic f/ J.Rawls “The Truman Show” off “The World Is Illuminated” (Definition Music/Bandcamp/iTunes/Amazon)

Ill Poetic “The Beautiful” off “The World Is Ours” (Definition Music/iTunes/Amazon)

Ill Poetic “Gone” (Definition Music/iTunes/Amazon)

Ill Poetic “Suicide Note” off “The World Is Ours” (Definition Music/iTunes/Amazon)

Ill Poetic “Suicide Note Reborn” off “The World Is Illuminated” (Definition Music/iTunes/Amazon)

The Embassy “Work It Out” [EXCLUSIVE]

Synopse & TzariZM “Zonin” (Doxside/Bandcamp)

Heltah Skeltah “The Art Of Disrespekinazation” off “Da Incredible Rap Team (D.I.R.T) (Duck Down/iTunes/Amazon)

Invincible & Waajeed “Emergence” off “Detroit Summer/Emergence” (EMERGENCE Media/iTunes)

Has-Lo “Everything” off  “In Case I Don’t Make It” [EXCLUSIVE]

Invincible & Waajeed “Detroit Summer” off “Detroit Summer/Emergence” (EMERGENCE Media/iTunes) [THE CLOSER]

Download, stream & subscribe to the entire Scrunchface archive @ the iTunes Store (under “Podcasts”) or do it here: . Watch the live broadcasts here:

Producers, beatmakers, artists, management or labels can give us permission to play your material on the air, submit music or drops for “Bloggerhouse presents The Scrunchface Show @ Timeless Daimyo” @, or You can also @message/DM us on Twitter @ , Eric Coons (Bloggerhouse) @ , Travis Glave (Bloggerhouse) @ or follow ST/MIC @ . Follow Bloggerhouse on Twitter for site updates @


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