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Casual of Hieroglyphics – Casual-ual

by Travis on August 25, 2010

A new track from Casual of the Heiro clan, “Casual-ual”. Dude sounds pretty hungry on the mic. Some people might have some problem with the beat, but I’m actually feeling it, kind of chaotic and noisy with a strong drunk track, perfect for Casual to slay the verses like a dungeon dragon….or something like that. Oh, and look around on the SounCloud page, there some more goodies from Casual as well…..

From Casual:
“….a couple tracks to whet your appetite for my upcoming full-length album. Please visit my SoundCloud page to listen/download these two “smashes” – Casual-ual (produced by Rod Shields ) & Powder (just me rippin’ over a Kanye West’s Power track, much respect to him but “No one man should snort all that Powwwwda!)

Casual-ual by Smash Rockwell

Powder by Smash Rockwell

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hl August 25, 2010 at 7:03 am

Casual is one of the illest. I guess everyone’s gonna just pretend he ain’t send sniper shots a Ye. lol

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