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Myke Forte – Beat Video/Audiopixel

by Eric on August 25, 2010

Here are some sick visuals from the homie Myke Forte, whom you’ll hear on some of our past and future “Srunchface Show” podcasts.  Ayo Mike!  Hit me with an MP3 of this jawn ASAP!!!!

In a time where the music industry seems to be failing, with a lack of creativity, and not much music being bought legitimately by the masses, I feel compelled to give people a reason to think otherwise. I have a passion for the “Arts” and how to combine various elements of the art form to really express myself as an individual but even more as an Artist.

With much thought I wanted listeners to become viewers and viewers to become listeners, imagine listening to an album and having artwork for each track as a print that explains, conveys, or interprets what the music sounds like. Whether the story is told through the expression of “Boom-Bap” style drum programming, and soulful samples, or through thought provoking, colour blinding visuals, the two mediums should stand as worthy pieces of art in their own right, or as two pieces of art that complement each other. With this chemistry I hope to plant the seed which I call “audiopixel”.

The first official audiopixel project is in the form of an exclusive T-Shirt design, the slogan on the garment reads ‘My Forte’ which reads ‘Myke Forte’ when the last two letters illuminate in low lighting conditions. The design comes from the highly creative and talented design team called “Soap-box”. This will be accompanied by a promo video/advert that shows what I enjoy doing most, hence “My Forte”. Another part of this audiopixel project is the 4 track Ep, created mainly on the Roland SP-404 which comes free with the T-Shirt as well as desktop wallpapers. Each garment is enclosed in a custom-made box which will be limited to 50 pieces.  T-Shirts will be available from the soap-box website on 27/08/10

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