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“Summertime Chi” Jay Vega featuring The Primeridian, Pugs Atomz, Rashid Hadee, Astonish, Decay and more…

by Travis on August 25, 2010

Jay Vega’s bio from the producer himself:

Producer/MC Jay Vega started mixing the elements of hip-hop over a decade ago in the Lower East Side. Working with people like the Beatsmiths and I-Cue, he set his feet in stone as a powerful MC, known for his lyricism and freestyle skills. Over the years, Jay honed his skills as a producer moving from the basic PC set up to the professional studio he now works out of. He’s performed all over NYC, NJ, Florida, Chicago and Texas. Now, working out of his home studio in Chicago, he’s produced such artists as Rashid Hadee, Pugs Atomz, the Primeridian, and more… You can catch his most recent compilation album, Summertime Chi…

As the summer draws near to an end, here’s a compilation entitled “Summertime Chi” produced by Jay Vega featuring The Primeridian, Pugs Atomz, Rashid Hadee, Astonish, Decay and more…

Also: here’s another joint off the project entitled “Good Lean” featuring Jay Vega, Kooles and The Primeridian produced by Jay Vega

Trav’s Take: Some could argue that Chicago is one of the top five cities/regions doing it in hip hop today. When someone drops a compilation that features some of the Chi-Town’s finest such as Pugs Atomz, Rashid Hadee, and Astonish (where has this cat been?) I’m going to pay attention, even if I’m not familiar with the producer.  Jay Vega is new to me, but apparently he has been around a bit. The project starts off a little iffy on the production side, as some of the beats sound like they are trying to hard to be the next Neptunes or something. By the “Foto Shoot” comes around though, it evens out and gets a bit more soulful and down to my liking. The Rashid Hadee track is banging, and there are some nice listens on here. I’d recommend it, just skip through the first couple of songs. Oh, and you’ll have to do some work on the track tagging as well, a big frustration to me these days, but this was worth it in the end….

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