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“The Lookout” by Apollo Brown (Underground Producer Recognition) Issue #1

by Eric on August 26, 2010

OHKANG (Producer/Emcee)

To kick this thing off, I want to start by getting all my heads to LOOKOUT for a Detroit producer/emcee named Ohkang from the group Blackreign & Ohkang. He’s one of my favorite Detroit cats, as an artist, AND as a person. He’s a humble producer that just loves to make good music, listen to good music, and you can often catch him in a zone, spinning good music for an appreciative crowd. I first heard this dude’s beats in a producer showcase back in 2007 at the last night of the Ozen Lounge. As soon as the first sample started, he immediately caught my attention as a beatmaker. I looked up, and I saw this dude with some oversized cazal frames, a big ass 3Xdope rope chain, and some locks. You just HAD to pay attention to see what THIS dude was gonna give you through those speakers. I did, and ever since then, I’ve been checkin’ for everything Ohkang produces.

From “The Oriental EP” to the newest joint “Classics”, this dude straight up makes the music HE wants to make. I respect that to the fullest. His style is ridiculously all over the spectrum, from dirty soul hip hop to straight club booty music; whatever he decides to do at any given moment, he does it well. I’ve been a big fan since day one and if you haven’t already, I urge and advise you to check for this dude’s production. Trust me! Go listen and support Blackreign & Ohkang at Bandcamp ( ), and follow Ohkang on Twitter ( )

*Here are a few of my favorite Ohkang-produced joints:

Video: “Say It With Finesse” – Blackreign & Ohkang feat. O-Nasty

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