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Bloggerhouse presents D-Man “Back To The Future: Return To The Past” (Mixed By DJ Therion) (Free D/L)

by Staff on August 27, 2010

If you’ve been listening to Bloggerhouse’s Scrunchface Show then chances are you’re already familiar with D-Man. The young emcee/producer comin’ straight outta Brockton, MA (You need to make a song called “Straight Outta Brockton” now, D) has made what is hands down one of my favorite mixtapes of the year. Several other reputable blogs have posted it up already and I’ve been playing it for months, it wasn’t until recently that I realized I wasn’t sharing with the rest of the class. This was made painfully obvious when my blogging & business partners Eric & Travis were like “Who is this dude?” after hearing his instrumental submissions “2010 (A Space ODDessy)” & “Brass Symphony” which were both showcased in “The Scrunchface Show: The Exclusives Edition” (show #11 with the old Scrunchface Sundays logo above it).

This mixtapes features a few classic jawns but is mostly hot original production with some impressive bars being spit by D-Man. This will open the eyes of a lot of heads to the burgeoning young talent coming from MA & New England (What up, Black EL? What up, Jon Hope? What up, Moe Pope?). This won’t be the last time you see D-Man’s name in association with Bloggerhouse as there will be more features and projects from him forthcoming bearing the Bloggerhouse logo. Just download this 23 track version of the mixtape (with 3 bonus tracks) and then be prepared to hit him up for features & beats.

There’s nothing left to say but enjoy and realize that the future is right now. For those who slept, here’s your wake up call. For those that will continue to sleep? The world will simply continue to move on without you. Bloggerhouse, muthafucka! In any event, here it is:

D-Man “Back To The Future: Return To The Past (Special Edition)” (Mixed By DJ Therion) (2010)


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