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The Physics “I Just Wanna Beat” Video

by Travis on August 30, 2010

Since I live in a (somewhat) close proximity to Seattle, I keep an ear out for any artists coming out of that city. Most of the cats that read Bloggerhouse are undoubtedly familiar with Seattle homebased artists such as Jake One and Blue Scholars and maybe have even heard of Macklemore and The Grynch. One group that constantly gets slept on is The Physics. I trumpeted their free release, the EP High Society last summer and even had a couple of their songs on my Top 100 Tracks of 2009.

Well one of those songs, I Just Wanna Beat, just dropped it’s own video. Yes, it’s about a year after it dropped, but a video with hot vixens will always get play among the Bloggerhouse contingents and it’s good to hear this joint some more.

Download the EP after the jump

From last year’s Top 100 tracks, looking back now, this joint should have been higher.

99. The Physics – I Just Wanna Beat

I always try to support groups coming out of the Pacific Northwest, since it’s my “home region” of sorts, but The Physics made it easy to do. The Seattle group dropped High Society as a free download early in the summer and it was one of my favorite EPs of the year, easily. A b-boy love song, “I Just Wanna Beat,” starts off with:

I just wana beat, and I won’t be discreet
I just wanna smash, cuz I’m lovin’ that ass
And I just wanna f*ck, don’t want to fall in love
I just wanna beat…..

The sing-songy chorus fits over the light acoustic guitar sample, vocal samples and synths. When the actual song kicks in, it’s straight up mackin’ and we all know girls dig the smooth quiet storm shit, even if the words are revealing that you “just want to smash”. The laid back and light hearted song is just a fun game spittin’ track that is sure to work on that special lady in your life. Or maybe there is more to it than what it’s saying? Nah, it’s about the ladies, has to be. I love a song that spits game to the honeys, and if it works, that’s even better.

Be sure to download the EP HERE

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thadeacon August 31, 2010 at 12:43 am

The physics are dope and deserve their DUE!! I put them up there with one of my favorite groups in hiphop and I’m not bein biased.. their versatility is matched only by a few groups out there… Justo on the boards is just…

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