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Bloggerhouse presents Black EL x Durkin “Color Commentary” (Free Album D/L)

by Staff on August 31, 2010

Back in 2008, I was asked about an emcee named Black Element in Boston by J. Burnett of the now defunct blog Stuntin’ On Prose (What up, J. Burn & Tank?). I had confused him for another local emcee called Black Elemental. Later J. Burn explained that they were not the same cat and he directed me to his project “A Major Minority”. I first connected with Black EL via that sites comments section and later on 2DopeBoyz when Stuntin’ On Prose got hit by hackers. Since I was still being the Keyser Soze of Boston Hip Hop I wasn’t showing up anywhere and identifying myself so I was on some deadbeat dad shit when cats had shows back then.

After “A Major Minority” had it’s run on the internets I’d catch up with Black EL form time to time and he was going through things trying to get back to making music. Eventually, I’d heard he was back in the lab with Durkin, one of his collaborators on his previous project. I was curious to hear what the music sounded like so when EL told me he was doing a show @ the Good Life Cafe near Downtown Crossing with Moe Pope this past April performing some of his new material I jumped at the chance. When I heard the jawns live I new I was hearing something special immediately.

Durkin & EL told me the album was called “Color Commentary” and would be released by them independently later on in the Summer. I was anxious to get up with them & hear the finished product but both of our busy schedules wouldn’t permit it. I kept hearing great things about the project and when I went to the video premiere last week I knew I had to hear it. After I’ve heard it, I can tell you that you’ll be hearing a lot more from Black EL x Durkin as they’re back in the lab cooking up a re-up as I write this very blog.

I’m going to be playing tracks from “Color Commentary” on tonight’s Scrunchface Show as well so be on the lookout. All that’s left to do is download it here then listen for yourself to hear what the future of Hip Hop sounds like. To hear some more Black EL x Durkin material that isn’t included on “Color Commentary” go HERE. Shout to Black EL, Durkin, Jeremy Karellis & Jelani.


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