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Dart’s Bandcamp Best Of The Week (August 2010 Edition f/Knxwledge, Suzi Analogue & Question)

by Staff on August 31, 2010

Eric, Travis & Owen have all posted up some of their favorite Bandcamp projects recently and used some inbed tool that Apollo Brown asked me how to use last week. I, of course, have NO bloody idea as HTML makes about as much sense to me as Def Jam’s recent signings of Shyne and Sheek Louch (in other words, none). I just realized that the month of August (which we pretty much owned, why lie?) is coming to a close and I’ve yet to post my Bandcamp picks. It’s time for me to fix that problem right now:

First off,  Scrunchface Show regular Knxwledge (whose previous All City LP “Klouds” is one of the best instrumental projects of the year) recently dropped a new album via Bandcamp called “SKR∆WBERRiES.FUNR∆iSRS VOL .3″ for Klipm0de Sound Agency. Previous releases in this series were made by Devonwho & Mndsgn and this one is just as good the previous installments were.

If you’re a fan of quality music then you should definitely cop this album and rock it in your iPods or Zunes. Who am I kidding? No one owns a Zune! Support the artists that make the music worth hearing or we get stuck with the wack shit corporations force down our collective throat. It’s an easy decision as far as I’m  concerned. Who’s next?

In keeping with the theme of supporting music you believe in one of my favorites of the moment is Klipm0de’s first lady Suzi Analogue’s “NNXTAPE”. It’s offered as a free download but if you donate some cash you get some ingenious extras (including an actual cassette tape) direct from the illadelph vocalist/producer. Expect to hear several selections from this jawn get played on upcoming editions of The Scrunchface Show (which airs live on Tuesdays @ 8-11 PM EST).

If you actually have a soul and you appreciate good music then you’ll be playing it as much as I’ve been playing it the past few days. Don’t sleep on Suzi’s previous work and be on the lookout for her upcoming Analog Monsta collaboration with Brainfeeder’s own Tokimonsta. Just one more selection to go…

Question‘s new jawn “Standard Translation” was actually recommended to me by a couple of my Twitter friends a few days ago. I’m surprised that I slept on it up until now but given the sheer amount of music I get it’s not outside the realm of reason to believe that I drop the ball myself from time to time (For instance, I never reviewed Nocando’s “Jimmy The Lock”).

I’ve already heard the Japanese version and let me tell you that the snippets while short still give you a fair idea of how excellent an instrumental project it is. Now that I’ve alerted you it’s out there you can’t complain about there being “nothing good” out. Don’t sleep on it. Here’s some promo videos from Question’s Vimeo page and an iTunes Japan link (only 1500 Yen). I’ll be back to drop some more gems on your melons later on…


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