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Apollo Brown Exclusive Video Footage

by Eric on September 1, 2010

Apollo Brown gives fans an intimate look at what goes on in the box when he lays down his highly sought-after beats. He takes the audience through a step-by-step lesson on excellence showing how he puts together a beat starting with the sampling and building all the way up to a polished beat. He starts off with a soulful throwback hook for a sample and blends with a basic but raw drum beats that blend fluidly into another hit for the always-busy producer. After hearing the new beat it is easy to see why the Brown has such a full 2010 on the horizon. He is scheduled for a number or new projects this year including albums with his group The Left (also including rapper Journalist 103), Boog Brown, and Hassan Mackey among others. In the words of Brown, “2010 looks to be fulfilling. Real healthy.”

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