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Trek Life – Due West

by Eric on September 1, 2010

Trek Life’s new conceptual, chorus-less single, “Due West,” “may be,” according to Trek, “the most important song on the album (Everything Changed Nothing.) I’ve always wanted to get into the History of Cali more and more since it seems like, from a rap perspective, Cali (LA specifically) only really goes as deep as the early 80′s.” Trek continues, saying “I talked to my family and the parents of my friends to hear the stories of their migration to LA and other areas and to get a good perspective on the black migration to Cali. You’ll find that most of us are first generation LA folks and of that we all really started in Central California and migrated North and South to the major cities.”

The grooving bass-line supports Oddisee’s classic wah-synths and trance-like horns as an unrelenting Rhodes piano solo escalates throughout Trek Life’s rhymes until the crescendo and sudden drop at the end; a testament to the musicality of the Diamond District producer. As for the lyrical content of the song, Trek remembers that “Oddisee actually presented the challenge after we had spent long hours on the road talking about the history of our areas and families. I came to the studio, he played the beat and presented the idea. I was 100% with it.”

LA Times’ Pop & Hiss blog recently premiered Trek Life’s “Due West.”

Peep the track HERE and read the feature HERE

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