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Progress Report – Wake Up (Video)

by Travis on September 3, 2010

From The Group: The Spill Out Series Vol. 4 is now available on iTunes. To purchase… is where you can get the goods. Let your people know.

We wanted to start you off with just a taste before we share the full project with you so you can get the 3-song single off iTunes for just $2.97. We did this for a couple reasons. For one, we wanted to give you a low ticket item for you to be able to support us. We know times are rough all around so we ain’t trying to break your backs out here. Also, and more importantly we want to take our time with you, the listener. Too often I feel cats are flooding the market with song after song devaluing themselves and the music as a whole. We want to take our time with it and give you the opportunity to digest our music slowly. We promise not to treat our music as a dime a dozen if you do as well. Of course immediately after this we’re gonna hit you with mixtape after mixtape because I just can’t sit on all this hot fire sen. You know it’s all sweet 16′s from here on out. lol. jk (i hope). So without further ado, click the link to jump to iTunes and support the movement. If you could rate it as well to show these cats what they’re missing if they don’t cop it would be greatly appreciated.

If you share this video, favorite it, or spread the message about us in any way shape or form we will send you a link to a free mixtape (and we mean mixtape in the golden era usage of the word…all original beats and songs). Either email us at progressreportmusic[at] or comment below that you did so. We’ll work on the honors system with this.

Trav’s Take: Detroit stay killin’ it. The next in a long line of dope Detroit hip hop artists is Progress Report, made up of D. Allie (a name that might be familiar to some Bloggerhouse readers) and Eddie Logix. Their new video, “Wake Up,” is full of energy and is just fun. Yes, hip hop can and in some sense, should be fun. Look for more out of this group in the very near future.

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