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Crew54 – The 54 Reality Show Tape Preview and EP Promo

by Travis on September 7, 2010

Over two years ago, I featured a group out of Texas by the name of Crew54 on a New Artist Spotlight. I’ve been watching their careers since then and supporting whatever they drop. Well G-Christ and M.O.S. are back at it again, with a couple new projects. First the music from the Reality Series that they did over the course of the past couple years, then with a promo for an upcoming EP (about damn time fellas)….

Check them both out after the jump….

We present to you an interactive version of our latest album, The 54 Reality Show Tape. That’s right click on the REWIND & F. FWD buttons to change tracks. If you want to check out footage from the albums release just hit the EJECT button.

Crew54 – The 54 Reality Show Tape is available to purchase (Digital & Hardcopy) at…

Secondly, we have the promo for our NEXT project coming soon. Crew54 is working with Cientifiq on their first project produced entirely by one entity, Slap Rapz. This EP will be full of hard hitting beats and in your face lyrics. We’ll be leaking the first single shortly, but till then we dropped this promo video to get people ready for whats coming soon.

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