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Dudu Stinks – Billie James Is Not Your Lover (Free Download)

by Travis on September 7, 2010

From DLO, producer out of Madison, Wisconsin: Dudu Stinks (of STINK TANK and dumate fame) has just put the capstone on his epic concept album, Billie James is Not Your Lover. The narrative tells the story of the eponymous character, influenced by the writings of James Baldwin and the music of Billie Holiday. The whole thing is cataloged with references and quotes from the original source material; you can check it all out and download the album for free on Bandcamp! I’m very proud to have been blessed with the opportunity to produce tracks for this concept LP

Click the picture below to download the “Billy James is not your lover” LP

Trav’s take: I thought the concept was interesting enough to warrant a post for this project. I’m not sure about the execution yet, but to be honest, my current musical mood isn’t geared toward this sound right now, so it’ll probably be something I’ll go back and visit at the right moment. But check it on the strength of the concept and originality

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