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Rugged Soulz – Opposite

by Travis on September 9, 2010

Quick-witted and unapologetic, the two emcees Mic Lungz and Ra of Rugged Soulz make “Opposite” with one goal in mind: to address the truth about music poised as hip-hop. Undeniably classic in its landscape, “Opposite” shoots for a no-holds barred declaration of individuality in a “stan”-filled industry. Rugged Soulz, with roots based in the supreme hip-hop culture bred in the ’80s, takes music fans on a time travel through the Choppy Chop-E -produced track, blanketed with heavy scratches and bass-filled percussion. Hints of
the West Coast thread in and out of the raw and unrelenting message composed purposefully with no punchlines and no gimmicks.

“Opposite” is the first single to be released from the upcoming mixtape Terminally Ill, which is set to debut later this month.

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