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Bandcamp’s Best of the Week 9/10

by OSnapple on September 10, 2010

progressreportThis weeks number one slot is taken by the group Progress Report. Based out of Detroit, MI Progress Report consists of D.Allie and Eddie Logix. This hip-hop duo caught me with the 1st blurb on their website:

Progress Report does not sell drugs or shoot guns. They do not drive around in fancy cars and have parties with strippers in mansions. However, they do make music and quite well if you ask their parents. Hip Hop can be fun again, people. …and remember, always bring an apple for your teacher.

Have a listen you wont be disappointed.

Wake up Single:


Coming in at the number two slot in this weeks bandcamp’s best is a joint from Izzy’s mixtape “Just for Kicks”. The track is produced by Know Life, and in my opinion this beat is of the chain. With Izzy being from Washington State and Know Life currently in Florida its a nice thing to see producers and emcee’s collaborating across the country.

Izzy – If Only I Was


The Band Eclypse Ten PastWell this album may not be hip-hop but if you truly enjoy music, you will like this group.   The Band Eclypse is an 8 member band based out of Westchester, NY.   Ranging in age from about 15-20 their music is really second to none in this age bracket.  Most recently I gave them a plug HERE, and previously I posted about Triple J‘s album “Of Mic’s and Men”  HERE and HERE.

My Choice off the Album:


As always I would like to thank everyone who submits bandcamp links and encourage them to continue to do so. If you, your sister, your sisters hot friend, or anyone else you know has a bandcamp page please feel free to submit them to us using the contact form HERE. All bandcamp pages received in our inbox are immediately considered for Bandcamp’s Best of the Week.

Enjoy the weekend! ~ Snaps

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