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Song For A Day: Thaione Davis – Survival Of The Times

by Eric on September 13, 2010

Real talk, if you slept on Thaione Davis’ “Still Hear” (produced entirely by Rashid Hadee), you missed out on, not only one of the best albums of the year, but rather one of the best records of the decade.  Not only was Hadee’s production as stellar as what you could expect from one of the Chi’s finest, Thaione’s lyrics and the relative ease in which he delivers them, was only rivaled by the likes of yU and Finale.

Earlier this week Thaione unveiled the Tall Black Guy-produced “Survival Of The Times” via his Bandcamp page.  Lemme’ tell you, I’ll never quite understand just how Davis is soo overlooked!?  At slightly over two and a half minutes, “Survival Of The Times” leaves you seeking more “collaborations” between Tall Black Guy and Thaione Davis.  Another one emcee/one producer LP in the spirit of “Still Hear”, to serve as a follow up to Davis’ classic with Hadee?  Hit the jump for audio and linkage…

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