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Blue Scholars @ Green River Community College (Video)

by Travis on September 14, 2010

Trav’s Take: I have to say this is THE most creative PR email I have ever gotten, I had to put it up…. Blue Scholars are on the east coast leg of their tour. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them yet, but they are on my list, but I hear they put on a great show, so be sure to check them out while they out there…..

Be sure to pick up last weeks track here:

Read the classic email and watch the video after the jump…..

Sabzi: I was telling this girl about how I was gonna email you a link to a video I made.

She was like “yo, I dunno if that’s a good idea.”

I was like, “why not?”

her: “because dood, you just sent out an email last week with a free song for people to download. don’t overdo it. furthermore, you forced them to read through a long, pointless and rambly email about cigarette lighters in cars before they even got a chance to listen to it.”

me: “you know, rambly isn’t actually a word.”

she: “shut up. you know what i mean.”

myself: “yea i guess i see your point. overusing the email list is a bad look. i can’t stand it when a band puts me on their email list and all i get are COME TO MY SHOW notices. that’s almost as irritating as getting text messages about club nights or when people retweet compliments they get from their Twizzler followers.”

the girl: “hey, i do that.”

me: “i know.”

her: “…”

me: “look, if ppl don’t like getting the emails, they can just unsubscribe. or hit me up @sabzi: hey jerk, quit polluting my inbox. i’ll listen.”

her: “pass me the Sriracha please.”

me: “you put way too much of this in your pho. i don’t think it’s healthy.”

her: “what do you know? you think emailing 30,000 people a week with nonsense about your silly rap group is a good move.”

me: “hold up. the show we did a few months back at Green River CC was a blast, we got the whole day on video, and it shows a very typical day for the group, so you know, it makes sense to share it now considering we’re about to hit up these dates on the East Coast. and besides, our email list is 40,000 strong.”

her: “so?”

me: “so… just eat your pho.”

Blue Scholars :: Green River Community College from Blue Scholars on Vimeo.



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