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Tough Junkie – Almost Sleep

by Travis on September 14, 2010

IMB AS Tough Junkie

So, here it is. The first 64-70* people to purchase the new beat album “Almost Sleep” can have a face placed on the next album cover.

It can be your face. It can be ya spouse, or even  a child’s face. As long as it is an original picture. It will also have to be in high res (lots of pixels). If ya don’t know much about that type of lingo,  click here( High Res Pics ).

Head shots only. There is a concept involved. Thus, if ya can’t stick to the script, then it will not be use and opening will appear for the next group of heads.

It is a “first come first serve” thing. There will be no favors passed around for this. Which means, if you live in Tibet and ya bought the album, that purchase gives ya a choice of using that spot. Homies and homegirls: do not call me asking for a spot. Ya will be let down with the results.

This will start on August 10th and last until early September. Like I said first come first serve.

Check the audio after the jump…..

Trav’s Take: Tough Junkie‘s latest instrumental opus, Almost Sleep,  is in the running for my favorite instrumental project of the year. Tough Junkie has crafted a phenomenal piece of music, with subtle strings, strong snares, great samples and everything else that makes a strong instrumental album. Each song is unique upon itself and holds it’s own identity quite well.

Tough Junkie - Dusty’s Sun

And as a gift:


The album is so close that this is a 2nd helping.

Had To Wait by toughjunkie

“The Southernist” is for the kids.

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