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Brixx – Everything Happens For A Reason (Take A Look At That Production Line-Up!!)

by Eric on September 23, 2010

“Everything Happens For A Reason” – Brixx

Original Release Date: (1999, Columbia “Germany”)

Guest Poster: Pooch

This is an album that came out in ’99. It was an import from Germany. I am sure that I picked this up from She was signed to Sony. From what I have found and gathered, she is Hungarian, and I don’t know if she had any other material.

For me, like with some other foreign acts, I had a hard time getting into her vocals, because of the accent and having to concentrate hard to understand her words. My initial opinion of her material was rather harsh, but after a while I wasn’t as critical of her. I found that I enjoyed her most when she was reserved to the chorus and harmonizing on the tracks. I still generally listen to this album looking for the American emcees and production.

From the production aspect, oh my, this was a backpackers wet dream. Nick Wiz, Rockwilder, Shawn J. Period, Sha Self, EZ Elpee, Mr. Walt, Baby Paul, Hi-Tek, and Buckwild all did tracks. Nick Wiz’s contributions are two of my favorites. On “Menage A Trois”, Ug and Phantasm are once again right at home on their favorite producer’s track. “If It’s Allright Y’all” (produced by Mr. Walt) provides the exact same Mos Def that we find on his album “Black On Both Sides”. In the same breath, Talib Kweli gives the same vocal pattern and delivery that we can hear from the Black Star album, on “Halfway” (produced by Hi-Tek), which is definitely not a negative.

I was disappointed in hearing Shawn J’s contribution on “What Is It”, probably because it isn’t standing up to his previous work we were used to. As well, while it was still a nice Buckwild track, I was sooo hoping for a track like what I would’ve found on an OC, DITC, or other NY underground joints that he has done.

On a side note, I wouldn’t be surprised if I were to read somewhere that Baby Paul’s production on “Sweet Deja Vu” (featuring Bahamadia) was done with DJ Spinna in mind. The choices of drums and sounds had me checking the liner notes a couple times to make sure.

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