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Bandcamp’s Best of the Week 9/24

by OSnapple on September 24, 2010

UK Hip Hop vs The DoorsComing in at the number one slot is Figment with Love H.E.R. Madly, a wonderful blend of  remixed UK hip hop vocals over beats filled with The Doors samples.  With a line up consisting of Jai, The Delusionists, Blokeyman, Mystro and more this album/mixtape is totally worth the download and then a replay. according to Figments blog this has been in the works since November of last year.

My pick off the album:

Cop it HERE

Mattic - Live From The AtticComing in at number 2 is a album that has only one tag and its “good music period”. Is this Cocky? Is this Confident?  I personally dont give a shit it’s a great album. The album from Mattic is called “Live From the Attic” and is 12 tracks of solid hip-hop with crisp snares and quick witted lyrics. He also has an album Poltergeist Music that you can cop from his bandcamp as well.

My Pick off the Album:

Cop it HERE

So last but not least (Only last because its a single) is Blakface with the track “Break up Pancakes”.  I probably had 3 different albums for this slot but this one had to be heard.  What caught my ear on this track is the extensive use of guitar in the beat.  Guitar with wah, reverb, chorus effects.  Blakface has a couple of other albums on his bandcamp so make sure to check em out.

The Single:

Cop it HERE

As always I would like to thank everyone who submits bandcamp links and encourage them to continue to do so. If you, your trusty day laborer, your friends little sister, or anyone else you know has a bandcamp page please feel free to submit them to us using the contact form HERE. All bandcamp pages received in our inbox are immediately considered for Bandcamp’s Best of the Week.

I’m off to Vegas this weekend so if anyone is around there shoot us an e-mail and lets grab a beer
Enjoy the weekend! ~ Snaps

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Pooch September 24, 2010 at 7:44 am

Damn that Mattic is nice. Beats and Lyrics, it just flows smoothly.

Good spotlight on this dude OhSnapple.


By the way, on an off note, are the words or phrases in the recaptcha actual words. I swear I have to go look up some of this sh#t. I feel dumb as hell typing these sometimes, maybe high school and college failed me.

Pooch September 24, 2010 at 7:49 am

You can tell Mattic is a kid of the ’90s hip hop, with references of Gravediggaz “There’s nowhere to run to baby, there’s nowhere to hide” and Pharcyde “Run, Run”.


my recaptcha words for this post “paraysto” & “and”. WTF is “paraysto”???

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