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What’s New In Dart’s iPod #22 AKA The Clusterfuck Edition

by Staff on September 25, 2010

I literally felt like this review was never going to get posted. It took forever to listen to all of this music. I apologize if some of these reviews are terse & lacking in depth or descriptive language given how much time I spent listening to it. I honestly have other pressing matters & several outside writing projects that are being impeded by this review  blog so I need to get through it before I can get any other writing done this weekend. I’m reviewing what has ballooned to more than 20 overall projects from the initial 8 I started out with. In any event, here it goes. This will be ugly. There will be blood. I guarantee it.

Blue Sky Black Death “Third Party” 9.7.2010

BSBD’s “Third Party” is a lot more atmospheric, trancey & lighter than their previous record “Slow Burning Lights”. The lead female voice that defined the aesthetic of the last record is gone. The dark vibe is still an undercurrent but not the driving force. My favorite tracks were two short instrumentals “Set Fire” & “Slow Years”. It sounds like an emo indie sub electronica record. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just The Kickdrums did it better in my opinion. Maybe. Listen for yourselves.

Boog Brown & Apollo Brown “Brown Study” 9.28.2010

I love this album like a fat kid loves cake. I love this album like Ghostface Killah loves Clark Wallabees. Boog Brown is high powered, she puts Melanie Fiona to sleep. Beg pardon, that chick’s been on my mind all week. After hearing her contributions to Aarophat & Illastrate’s “Black Noise” then her mixtape “Grind Season Vol. 1″ I couldn’t wait to hear a full length jawn.

When the news was reported that she and Bloggerhouse favorite Apollo Brown were working on an album I had high expectations. I am proud to state they’ve been met & surpassed. This project is a 12 track audio & lyrical masterpiece. Easily one of the best efforts of the year. Cop it. Bloggerhouse recommended.

Dibiase “Machines Hate Me” 9.14.2010

Dibiase made an album. The album was bananas. Some lame ass bastard gave it a pejorative review. I dissed his ass. I played tracks from the album on the radio. People lost their damn minds. I told them to buy it. How can you hear jawns like “Eternia”, “Dusty Lungz”, “Lumberjack”, “Neighborhood Watch”,”Circuit Breakin’”, “Dubwreck” or “Price Is Righteous” and front on “Machines Hate Me”? Cop this shit yesterday.

Eric Lau “Makin’ Sound” 9.27.2010

Eric Lau made one of my favorite Soul/R&B albums of the past 3 years with 2008′s stellar debut “New Territories”. After dropping his “Kilawatt V2 EP” earlier this year he returns with a must have instrumental release. This shit bangs from beginning to end, You need this in your iPod, Zune, car or life. There’s isn’t a weak moment on this almost perfect 20 track project. You’ll be hearing selections from this album on the Scrunchface Show for months to come. Buy this album when it drops on September 27th. UK stand up!

ESQ & Chikaramanga “The Succession” 9.14.2010

Tres Records’ own Chikaramanga (also of Giant Panda) provided the sonic backdrops for emcee ESQ to paint portraits with his lyrics over. Straight forward bars over excellent production clocking in at under an hour of raw boom bap Hip Hop. Offerings like “The Succession”, “My Intellect”, “The Original”, “All City” & “Rock On” will raise eyebrows. Heads will sleep hard on this album unfortunately. Recommended.

Flying Lotus “Pattern+Grid World” 9.20/21.2010

Buy it. It’s Flying Lotus. Fuck you think it’d be? Wack? Are you insane? What’s next?

Gucci Mane “The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted” 9.28.2010

Oh fuck. This is what jail rape must feel like [II]. Why are these songs so fuckin’ long? None of them should be over 4 minutes because Gucci doesn’t say a goddamn thing worth retaining into your memory. Nothing. He just raps. BADLY. To make matters worse you add Nicki Minaj, Swizz Beats, Ray J & Wyclef to the equation and I’m playing with a gun on my coffee table like Smooth  did the “Sometimes I Rhyme Slow” video.

This album was the audio equivalent of spending an hour in the corner of Hell reserved for Nazi war criminals, pedophiles, rapists, serial killers & owners of shady record labels. While there, you got tortured in every way described on the Wu’s first album in that skit. Plus you get peed on nonstop by Adolf Hitler, John Wayne Gacy & Charles Manson (got in through early admissions). In the face. Hot piss. From the most evil men in history. In Hell. While you get your nuts banged with a spiked hammer. That’s what listening to this album was like for me.

Fuck this bullshit album. Fuck Gucci Mane’s central nervous system. Fuck his 17th through 23rd vertebrae. Fuck his chromosomes on down to the ribosomal subunits that assemble at the head of his start codon. Die, motherfucker. Die motherfucker. Die.

Hell Razah “Heaven Razah” 9.28.2010

Hell Razah is easily one of the most underrated emcees of the past 15 years. His Sunz Of Man work on down to his recent effort are a testament to that fact. Not too long ago Hell Razah suffered a stroke and all of the proceeds from his album sales go to aid in his recovery. If you’ve ever been a fan of his in the past or downloaded or bought any of his previous releases this is one of the times that ponying up the cash & buying his album really means something.

After blessing us with gems like “Black Market Militia”, “Renaissance Child”, “Razah’s Ladder”, “Ultrasounds Of A Renaissance Child” & “Welcome To Red Hook Houses” in recent years it’s the least we all can do. Cop “Heaven Razah” on September 28th.

Ice Cube “I Am The West” 9.28.2010

This album is boring as fuck. Cube can’t spit no more. The beats were meh. Fuck wasting anymore keyboard strokes on this piece of ass album. Leave it alone.

John Legend & The Roots “Wake Up!” 9.21.2010

Take the legendary Roots crew add John Legend, Black Thought, Common, Melanie Fiona, Pete Rock & CL Smooth and what you end up with is yet another album that you’ll kick yourself in the ass for not copping. Do the right thing.

Kendrick Lamar “Overly Dedicated” 9.28.2010

Kendrick Lamar is for fans of Dom Kennedy, Pac Div, TiRon, Ayomari & U-N-I. You dig those cats? Then you need to hear “(O)verly (D)edicated” right now. If I smoked I’d like this a lot more, though…

MF DOOM “Expektoration Live” 9.14.2010

Well, I’ll be damned. This DOOM live album is actually dope & worth purchasing. Yes, it’s really him! What’s next?

N.B.S. “The Prelude” 9.7.2010

Cambridge representatives N.B.S. recently dropped the 17 track opus called “The Prelude”. It features bangers like “Rock With Me”, “Jump Up”, “Showtime At The Garden”, “Flash”, “B.O.S.T.O.N”, “lll Lyrical”, “No Loyalty”, “Eyes On The Prize”, “Different Channels” & “Move”, production from J.Cardim, Stu Bangas, Sicknature, iRoq, Cyrus Tha Great, Major Music and furious bars from E Flash & V Knuckles.

In summation, if you make the mistake of sleeping on this album you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass once you hear it blasting out of someone else’s car or iPod. Check out the mixtape and if you like what you hear cop the album here.

P.U.D.G.E. “Pudgesnacks Vol. 2: I Didn’t Know!!!…U Rap?” 9.9.2010

Bloggerhouse favorite & Scrunchface Show regular P.U.D.G.E. drops yet another gem on your head. This time instead of making the beats like he did on his All City split 10″ “LA Series #1″ or on “Don’t Touch My Drumset” & “Idiot Box” he’s spittin’ fire over production from luminaries such as Houseshoes, Knxwledge, Samiyam, Teebs, Dibiase, Mono/Poly and Ras G. You may be taken aback by how nice he is given his track record for making hot beats but you’ll get over it. Don’t sleep on P.U.D.G.E. Highly recommended.

Roc C “Scapegoat” 8.3.2010

Roc C’s “Scapegoat” was completely slept on. It didn’t drop on Stones Throw or even ABB, it instead came out on Roc’s own KashRoc label so it didn’t get the publicity it should have. Boasting production from DJ Khalil, Mr. Porter, The Alchemist, Evidence, Oh No, Slopfunkdust, Georgia Anne Muldrow & IMAKEMADBEATS it’s a damn shame more people aren’t aware this project is out right now. Guest appearances from Mr. Porter, Aloe Blacc, Chali 2na, Hezekiah, Oh No, Chino XL, Illa J and Georgia Anne Muldrow further bolster this LP.

After last year’s “The Transcontinental” LP I make it a point to check for any new Roc C material. I’m kicking my own ass over sleeping for this long. Don’t be like me. Be BETTER than me.

Roots Manuva Meets Wrong Tom “Duppy Writer” 9.6.2010

UK legend Roots Manuva teams up with producer Wrong Tom for an album that most folks will no doubt sleep on. Dubby beats plus bars by Roots Manuva equal something you should at least give a listen to. Check it out here.

Ruste Juxx & Endemic “Adamantine” 9.14.2010

Ruste Juxx already appeared on the excellent slept on collaboration album “The Exxecution” with Marco Polo. This project BANGS. The drums. The bars. Everything is hard on here. Pause. Nah, fuck a pause. This is a hardcore buffet of thuggery. Pause. Nah, fuck a pause. This entire album is raw beast music from Duck Down featuring Skyzoo, Torae, Supreme, Ill Bill, General Steele, Sav Killz, Wordsmith and a host of others. Endemic’s pounding raw hardcore beats [II] make this album a real surprise. Don’t sleep.

Ski Beatz “24 Hour Karate School” 9.21.2010

Uhh…what happened to all of the Mos Def tracks? I mean if this was a free album like it was intended to be back four months ago with “Cream Of The Planet”, “Taxi” & “Aerials” on it I would’ve dug it as much as I like “Pilot Talk”. Instead, it’s just pretty good and too damn short to cop for more than $8. Sorry Def Jam. Can’t wait to hear more Ski jawns, though.

Sponatola “Spon 2: Beat Fanatic Classics” 9.14.2010

Sponatola of Beat Fanatic Music Group drops his second effort coming off his debut jawn, last year’s “Spon: The Nature Of The Beast”. It’s 21 tracks of pure dope. Ill bars & hot beats. Loaded with guest spots. Buy it. Bloggerhouse approved. Next?

Trey Songz “Passion, Pain & Pleasure” 9.14.2010

More like “Torture, Agony & Despair”. I hate this dude more than BET hates Black people and quality programming (how else can you explain that shit they air daily?).  I hate his music more than Fox News hates fair & balanced journalism…AND Black people. I hate Trey Songz face more than Kid Cudi hates baggy pants…and sanity (how else can you explain him calling Wale’s raps wack while he professes himself to be a wizard. A WIZARD, N*GGA? Cocaine is one hell of a drug! © Rick James

Unfortunately, I don’t do coke so I’m completely sober & Trey Songz album does nada for me. I wish his CD was a tape instead so I could stick paper in the holes  at the top & dub Jose James, Dwele or Bilal over it. Fuck a Trey Songz. Where’s ya moms at?

TZariZM “The Heart BeaTZ Vol. 1″ 10.6.2010

This instrumental project is dope! My boy Eric already gave this his co-sign and you may have heard tracks from this jawn on previous incarnations of the Scrunchface Show but I’m here to tell you “The Heart BeaTZ Vol. 1″ is pure unadulterated beast music. Don’t sleep on TzariZM or the Doxside camp. Bloggerhouse approved.


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Jeff September 25, 2010 at 6:30 pm

On point as always — glad I’m not the only one who dug that Dibiase record.

james September 26, 2010 at 4:50 am

link to bad review and subsequent diss? thought the album was great myself

also, hope you give mindsone some shine, their album is soo dope

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