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John Regan – Nobody’s Somebody f/88 Keys & Nottz (MP3)

by Eric on September 28, 2010

Woooooo!!! I like this, you can definitely feel the Nottz-provided BASS in this jawn. Also, the joint is somewhat reminiscent of Jay’s “Takeover”. Here’s what John Regan had to say about the 88-Keys/Nottz collaboration.

Quick story. I was in the studio with 88-Keys working on a beat for “Sorry I’m Late”. He came up with something crazy! I was already throwing around concepts and all that. Once we were done, he plays me some beats for his forthcoming beat tape “Eat Good, Shit Good”. Keep in mind – after taking some time off to work on his “Death of Adam” solo album, these were the select few beats he was working on for his return to production. He played this joint and I just fucking flipped! I had him loop it for like 15 minutes! I had the vision.

It stuck in my head for 3 days. I was writing ideas and concepts and lyrics JUST off memory, since I didn’t have a copy. I kept telling John that we HAD to have this beat for the album. So finally, I hit 88 and asked about it’s availability. Obviously, he was a bit hesitant at first. But he sensed my excitement. He sent me over a copy and said if we come up with something dope, then let’s do it.

After we recorded John’s part, I felt it needed a feature. We threw around a bunch of names and actually had like 4 other pretty big name rappers record verses for it. Well, just as we were about to move forward, I see Nottz’ “Shine So Brite” posted on twitter. I peep it and INSTANTLY knew he was perfect. I reached out, he loved the joint, and next thing you know, he’s sending back a verse and one of his signature basslines!

And the rest, my friends, is history.

Sorry for the diary entry – I’m just amped! Truly blessed to work with such amazing musicians.

Hope you like it! Sorry I’m Late October 12th :)

Hit the jump for audio, as well as download linkage…

“Nobody’s Somebody” ft. Nottz (88-Keys & Nottz)


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John Regan October 4, 2010 at 2:24 pm

Bloggerhouse appreciate the support! Eric if you need anything hit me up!



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