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Chapter Thrive & Ryan Stinson – 20 Something (The Beats)

by Travis on October 5, 2010

As some of you know, Phonographique recently released the album “20 Something” by rapper Chapter Thrive and producer Ryan Stinson (yours truly). To keep this short and sweet, as part of our promotion, we’re releasing the beats to the world FREE of charge. We’ve titled it “20 Something (The Beats)”.

All tracks are produced by Ryan Stinson except “Hangman” which was produced by Chapter Thrive.

Grab it here –

Trav’s Take: I’ve been meaning to give this group some more shine recently, and I still will in the very near future. Some of my old WYDU readers might recognize their previous group name, Aphaghetto as they dropped an EP that got some shine and love from me last year. The 20 Something album is dope and Ryan Stinson has some skills behind the boards, which makes these beats a nice listen to without the lyrics. More to come from this duo in the very NEAR future, promise.

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