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Boog Brown & Apollo Brown – Friends Like These f/ Kam Moye

by Eric on October 19, 2010

After a critically acclaimed release of debut Brown Study and a show stealing performance in Atlanta’s A3C Hiphop Festival, Boog Brown is dropping perhaps the most universally praised song on her new albu m: Friends Like These feat. Kam Moye (prod. Apollo Brown). On it, Boog lays down a fierce verse about backstabbers and energy drainers while displaying deft wordplay. Boog who is a poet and an emcee, brings both talents to bear on this track in a relaxed yet powerful flow: “Oh yeah they love it when u down on ur luck, then reappear when they need u and be all in ur ear like, “ awe boog u listen so well, feel like I can tell u anything” let me drain u empty with this energy.” Boog dances through the tale without pulling any punches. As for the idea behind the song, Boog states “I think the hook for the song pretty much says it all. As I excel, You get negativity from the oddest places. The ppl that say they have your back, really have disdain for you and are so ready to cut you down without a moments notice. ”

Backing her up is the homie Kam Moye on the track, who delivers a spirited verse as well. “My homie Kam Moye went in! In fact when I heard his verse, I changed the last 8 of my verse cause he was bouta’ done me on my own song. He made me feel okay being vulnerable and hurt but skilled and healing. His whole process was dope, very thankful he got on that joint. Truly an inspiration.”

Apollo Brown crushes the production with the soul sample start that drops into smashing snares and melodic “oohhs”. The sound is a lively jawn through solid drum patterns, heavy bass, sped samples, and strings. Apollo comments that he wasn’t sure were Boog would take the beat when he made it but that “Boog & Kam did a great job of crafting a complete song out of the original beat.” Hit the jump for audio..

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Poodie October 19, 2010 at 7:42 am

“U on that pretend shyt! Fock Outta Here! This aint aint a friendship! This aint a friendship!” — Boog Brown

Boog Brown!! SO DOPE! Kam Moye went IN!! This CD has NOT left my truck’s players since received in the mail from FatBeats! : )

Boog Brown October 19, 2010 at 8:23 am

Oh how I love my Poodie, thank you boo!! Bloggerhouse, im so thankful for all the love and support!

Mello Music Group October 19, 2010 at 10:22 am

Appreciated Eric! Big thanks to Boog & Apollo for crafting this cut with Kam – turned out dope!

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